Amazing Experience with Kuwait Mail

Not sure if it was this was a fluke or what but I had a really great experience with the Kuwait post office last week. I had a package containing 4 car tires that shipped from the UK and arrived to me in less than a week. My tires left the UK on December 10th and according to the MOC tracking page, they arrived to Kuwait on December 15th. The following day I got an SMS from the Hateen Post Office to pass by pick up my package. When I got to the post office there was nobody there and the whole process of getting my tires took less than 10 minutes. I ended up paying just 1KD for customs clearance and they even had a porter cart my tires to my car.

If the post office was always like this I’d be ordering through them soooo much more often. They were so fast they made Aramex Shop&Ship look like the Kuwait post office.

Update: I knew things were too good to be true, turns out the post office gave me someone else tires! Link

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Hi! So I have never ordered anything to the post office (only from websites where they send it directly to the apartment through aramex) so it would be great if you could just tell me about the process. Like what’s the address that you put? Do they call you when it’s here?

I have a package from aramex and it keeps telling me that i need to update my address no matter how many times I do. I tried calling them but I couldn’t get a hold of anyone, it just makes me speak to their pre recorded messages. Its been a couple of days so I got fed up and changed my preference to self pick up instead of delivery. So annoying.

Oh, Aramex… haven’t had a problem with them for a long time but then they managed to lose two of my shipments in the past month alone. 🙁

I had a package coming from Royal Mail with no tracking number, only proof of postage.
It’s been a year or more even and I still did not receive the package.

They are good as long as you have a phone number on your parcel. I called my local post office because I had paperwork (no tracking number) sent several months ago. It just had my name and university logo. The uk tend to focus more on their own barcoding than written data. when I called them, they went though thousands of papers to find mine. They said that if there was no phone number they can’t do anything. Rana al fares did say she wanted to fix the postal system, I’m hopeful.

I have tried them many times and to be frank, they are improving a lot. The only problem is inconsistency. This time you were lucky that the process went this way, next time it might be the same tires, same office and someone would tell you to pay different customs, different clearance process, etc.
One thing to remember if you are receiving from Hateen, don’t be late to your package or they will send it back.

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I got the worse experience ever!!
Sent a small envelope from the US to kuwait , system shows that they got the envelop but they cant find it !! And kept asking me to go from branch to another… end of story the lady responsible is not anymore working and they are trying to call her but she doesn’t answer!!!!!!!
I guess you are lucky or your package is big enough to find…

Nope, last time I mentioned the website the local dealer got in touch with them and threatened to sue them or something and they now no longer ship to kuwait. Not gonna share the website I used now with anyone.

went to comments to find out what website is it 🙁 .. man i need that cause i can’t find the tire i want in kuwait nor do the dealer provide them .. not even as a special order !
going to google the hell out of UK tire websites XD

Lol got it and i know the website. I have contacted them and they had told me the same locally someone contacted them to not to ship to Kuwait. good price and wider option to choose

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