Abu Al Hasaniya Beach Littered with Bottles

Photos and videos have been circulating this morning of Abu Al Hasaniya Beach littered with trash, mostly plastic bottles. It looks like they were washed ashore by the sea and not caused by beach goers. More photos here.

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This is why recycling bins should be placed around more often, especially in supermarkets. Why are all the bottle recycling bins placed so far away from Co-op entrances? And whatever happened to TSC’s bottle recycling machines??

I went to a beach about 2 months ago in salmiya they had about 9 trashcan set up 10 meters from the shore, you know where the trash ended up? On the beach floor. Unless kuwaits government and schools start taking this issues seriously and educating the public nothing will change.

We will see a change if the government prioritizes climate change and the environment over expat ‘infestation’. Also, why the fuck do people here have a littering problem? The other week, I saw a lady get into her car, take some plastic bags, drop it on the road and drive off, and the garbage bin was literally 15 metres away.

Because she was raised to assume someone will pick up her trash, even though she herself is trash!

You should’ve taken a pic of her car and license plate for some good old public shaming.

I wish I filmed it but it all happened within five seconds and this isn’t the only instance. Whenever I walk out of my building to go to work, there’s always cigarette butts or fast food wrappers etc left in the corner of the parking lot. Again, there’s a visible bin nearby. It pisses me off.

I think it is unfair to generalize and say that all locals have the same mentality, I know quite a few colleagues and friends whoa are locals and are very peculiar about not littering not only that they even take it a step further by carrying their own water bottles rather than take the plastic bottles being provided in the office or to have to purchase one.

The root cause for the negligence though is not enough priority given to educating the masses on how their actions is damaging this country and the world.

I never said anything about only locals littering which is totally untrue and only quoted ‘people’ but I agree with the everything else you said.

I really wish the government would impose fines for littering. I hate it when I see people littering the beautiful beaches, flicking cigarette out of car, etc. In my office parking, Its a common thing to see people leaving garbage & coffee cups on the floor when there is a trash can near by. I wish the government would impose huge fines like KD 50 or KD 100.

I remember a conversation I had with someone who I mercifully don’t talk to anymore. I caught him throwing a can of soda out of his car, I asked him why he did that, he said with a straight face “if there is no garbage on the streets, then all of these Bangladeshi street sweepers will be out of a job.”

He said that with a straight face. I was dumbstruck.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve heard this rationale. I think it’s quite common thinking amongst most kuwaitis, even if most will not openly admit to it (such logic doesn’t trend too well on instagram). A very similar logic is applied to most other issues. Q8is in general (not all) are completely resistant to even attempting to admit or comprehend that they themselves are the problem. Instead, they kick a can down the road and that can is a foreigner. Lucky for them, there are still plenty of cans to kick around.

Just because it was washed ashore doesn’t mean it wasn’t caused by beach goers!

I hope with all the media attention it got the baladiya or smthn just came in an scooped it all up, the sea couldn’t have made it easier for us

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