iHop is back… Kinda

iHop shut down all their locations in Kuwait earlier this year but it looks like now they’re making a come back again. A few days ago iHop updated their instagram page saying were back.. but only as a delivery brand on Talabat.

Hopefully, they’ll eventually reopen a physical location since I always liked their breakfast.

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iHop was good but overpriced in Kuwait. I remember one of the breakfast dishes going for like KD6. Please… this is a low-mid range restaurant in the US.

Pancakes are like 2kd, a cheese omelette with pancakes like 3kd, they’re well priced. If there was one item that was 6kd that doesn’t make them over priced.

Ok just found the 6kd item, it’s a bucket containing 18 pieces of chicken breast and a full stack of pancakes plus 2 dipping sauces. That’s not over priced.

not talking about that. In ~2015 some of the items they were selling, such as the t-bone steak with eggs were like KD5+. In the US they are about KD 3.

well yeah, t-bone steak. Doesn’t matter if it costs 3KD in the US, the meat is imported to Kuwait so it’s going to cost more here then the country of origin.

As most restaurants from the US, it started off really good, I usually got the steak omelet, portion was huge and pancaked amazing. Slowly the quality went downhill, I noticed a different taste when I ordered the steak omelet, the manager came to tell me they started adding brown sugar to the meat. When I asked why he said something about the Kuwaiti customers and their taste. Olive Garden and Red Lobster came and went as well. I do miss Little Caesars bread sticks, Arby’s had a second go but didn’t last either. Wendy’s was ok but now horrible, I go for the chili and Frostee only.

I think the restaurant market here is overly saturated and COVID killed the rest. I went to Marina Crescent yesterday and most of the restaurants have closed down, looks like the bubble finally busted.

We spoke to a former waitress there. There seems to be plans to open 1 store in the future, but where and when I don’t know. I’m guessing the Avenues, but I’d hope they open their old location in Mahboula or The Village. Those always seemed busy.

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