15 04, 2019

Dinner in the Sky Shutdown

2019-04-15T08:37:39+03:00Apr 15, 2019|2 Comments

The pop-up restaurant which uses a crane to raise diners up into the air got shut down by the municipality. According to Arab Times, the pop-up was shut down for violation of safety conditions and because they had not obtained the necessary license from the authorities.

I just checked the Dinner in the Sky instagram account and they don’t mention anything about being shut down. In fact, as of last night, they were still open and serving dinner according to their story.

10 04, 2019

Impossible Burgers Now Available in Kuwait

2019-04-10T09:03:32+03:00Apr 10, 2019|54 Comments

Impossible Foods is a company that develops plant-based substitutes for meat and dairy products. They went viral a couple of years ago when they introduced their burger patty which not only looked like real meat but supposedly also tasted like real meat. Their burger patty was positioned as the future of meat since it used 96% less land, 87% less water and released 89% fewer emissions compared to burgers made with cow meat.

The Impossible burger grew in popularity and became available in a number of high end restaurants like Momofuku Nishi in NY and the Michelin-starred restaurant Public, but it also became available at more casual places like Umami Burger and White Castle. Now the Impossible patty has found its way to Kuwait.

The local burger chain Rock House Sliders launched the Impossible Slider funnily enough on April 1st. I haven’t tried it yet since I just got back to Kuwait, but I’ll be having some tonight since I’m really curious to try it. They have four different sliders made using the Impossible meat and they’re all priced at KD2.750 which is more than double the cost of their real meat sliders. So not cheap. But, if like me you’re interested to try it, RHS is on Talabat, Carriage, and Deliveroo. For more info visit @rockhousesliderskuwait

9 04, 2019

Dinner in the Sky Now in Kuwait

2019-04-09T00:24:36+03:00Apr 9, 2019|22 Comments

The Belgian based novelty pop-up restaurant which uses a crane to raise its diners and chefs up into the air is now in Kuwait. The set up is located at Marina Crescent and they’re offering a bunch of different packages which I’ve listed here:

Tea Break: KD30
Lunch/dinner: KD50
Lunch/dinner with live music: KD60
Coffee Time (Ramadan): KD40

Their booking page only lets you book till the end of June so I’m assuming that’s how long they’ll be here for, but it’s already getting pretty hot so I highly doubt it’s gonna last that long. Plus the timing is a bit weird since Ramadan is around the corner and people generally don’t eat out the first two weeks.

If you want to find out more or even book a lunch or dinner, visit their website dinnerinthesky.com.kw

Thanks Waleed

7 04, 2019

Singa Pura – Singaporean Food in Kuwait

2019-04-07T21:05:42+03:00Apr 7, 2019|12 Comments

Singa Pura is a new Singaporean restaurant that just opened up last week. I think it’s the first ever Singaporean restaurant in Kuwait since I don’t recall there ever being one. I actually had never had Singaporean food before, nor did I know what to expect so I was very curious to try them out. Now that I have, I think the best way to describe Singaporean food is that it lies somewhere between Thai and Indian cuisine, but closer to Thai which makes sense since they’re near each other.

Although Singa Pura just opened, they’ve actually been around for a while in the form of a home catering business. They still have their catering business active so if you don’t want to visit the restaurant you can also do that.

When I passed by Singa Pura for lunch it was pre-opening and so we didn’t have access to the full menu or final prices. But, I’ll be passing by again soon and once I do I will update this post with their menu. For now, if you’re interested in checking them out they’re located in the basement of Dasman Complex in the city. Here is their location on Google Maps and they’re on instagram @singapurakw

25 03, 2019

Waitrose products now at City Center

2019-03-25T18:55:53+03:00Mar 25, 2019|9 Comments

Starting today, City Center is now carrying Waitrose products inside their stores. At this moment the Waitrose products are only available at their Salmiya location, but they will soon be adding them in their Dasma and Shuwaikh stores soon.

Currently, only around 30-40% of their total shipment has arrived, with the rest of the Waitrose products expected to be in store in around a months time.

This isn’t the first time Waitrose products have been made available in Kuwait, around 5 years ago Sultan Center started carrying Waitrose products as well. The biggest difference this time around is that City Center have segregated the Waitrose products into their own section which makes it easier to find stuff.

24 03, 2019

The Best Looking Restaurant in Kuwait?

2019-03-24T08:40:46+03:00Mar 24, 2019|9 Comments

Usually, when I write about new restaurants that just opened up I talk about the food, but not in this case. The Cardamom Club is a new Indian restaurant that recently opened up and I think it has the best looking interior of any restaurant in Kuwait.

The restaurant is part of the Napkin Affair group who also own the concepts Ubon, Ananas, Simsim, and Mana. They designed all their restaurants in house and until recently I had thought Ananas was their best work, but not anymore. So far I’ve been to The Cardamom Club twice and on both occasions, I thought the food was average but the interior really beautiful.

If you’re looking for a new place to try out you should give The Cardamom Club a visit, they’re located in Kuwait City right next to the pizza place Pinocchio’s. Here is their location on [Google Maps] and their instagram account is @cardamom.club

10 03, 2019

Le Petit Chef Experience

2019-03-10T11:15:56+03:00Mar 10, 2019|2 Comments

A couple of weeks back, The Regency Hotel got in touch with me and asked me if I’d be interested in experiencing “Le Petit Chef” since they were hosting it in Kuwait for a limited time. I quickly googled it and found the video below and it looked interesting, so I accepted their invitation.

Le Petit Chef is a dining experience based around a mini animated chef and his culinary adventures following the footsteps of Marco Polo. The experience combines 3D projection onto your table and a 6-course meal composed of dishes from around the world. I was told the show was 2 hours long so I had warned my friend we might end up leaving before the show was over if I got bored. Surprisingly, I didn’t and we ended up staying till the very end.

The show started at 8:30PM but we were told to get there early for pre-drinks. The 6-course meal also has an option of drinks to go along with it, and I’m pretty they’re all meant to be alcoholic drinks that were turned into mocktails for Kuwait. When one of the drinks arrived I told my friend it looked like a smoked rosemary whisky sour and when I tried it, I realized it was, just without the whisky of course. At one point during the dinner, the waiter even asked us if we wanted white or red wine with one of the courses. Cute.

Just before the show started we were all led downstairs to one of The Regency’s restaurants which is currently hosting Le Petit Chef. The setup is pretty simple, but it works. Every table had a projector over it that projected 3D footage onto the table. Items like plates and trays get placed in predefined spots on the table so that whatever is being projected looks like it’s interacting with the real physical items.

The show was pretty cheesy, but I actually enjoyed it. The food was ok, nothing really special but I still had a good time because I hadn’t experienced anything like it before. It’s like those restaurants that serve you food in complete darkness or the sub zero ice bars, they’re gimmicks you experience once with a friend, have fun but never go back to. Le Petit Chef is pretty much the same. Two hours ended up flying by without feeling too long nor with me getting bored (which is impressive).

The price, on the other hand, is going to be a bit hard to swallow. The 6-course meal costs KD39 per person, while the accompanying drinks are an extra KD12. So it’s not a place you’d want to take kids to. My recommendation? Skip the drinks, they’re too many and there’s no alcohol involved so you won’t enjoy them. The show is running for a limited time only and takes place daily at 8:30PM except for Sundays. If you’re interested you need to call and book ahead of time on 25766880.