3 04, 2019

Contemporary Kuwaiti Houses

2019-04-03T10:05:30+03:00Apr 3, 2019|0 Comments

Contemporary Kuwaiti Houses is a photo-essay on the domestic architecture of Kuwait that was written by Kuwaiti architect Huda Al-Bahar, and published back in 1985. It’s not too long an essay and worth reading, but, if you don’t feel like reading you could also just check out the photos. Here is the link to the PDF hosted on ArchNet (you need to click on download)

30 03, 2019

Arabica Featured in Wallpaper*

2019-03-30T22:17:15+03:00Mar 30, 2019|4 Comments

Arabica’s Mall 30 location was featured in the design and lifestyle magazine Wallpaper* last week. I haven’t been to that location yet because it’s so out of my way, but I had seen photos of it and it really is a beautiful space.

The interior was designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo and opened up last December. If you’re interested in passing by, here is the location on Google Maps.

Here is the link to the article on Wallpaper*.

The store was also featured on Design Boom where they have even more pictures of the space.

25 03, 2019

Manara Mall. New project by AGi architects

2019-03-25T18:41:25+03:00Mar 25, 2019|17 Comments

I’ve featured the work of AGi architects on the blog before but most of the projects I featured were beautiful residential homes they had designed. I think this is the first commercial project I’ve seen by them and its as beautifully designed as their other projects.

I haven’t been to this mall myself yet and so have no idea what stores are open there, but I’m planning to pass by just to check out the architecture. The AGi website has more photos and details on this project which you can check out on their website if you’re interested [Here]

Update: Here is their location on [Google Maps]

24 03, 2019

The Best Looking Restaurant in Kuwait?

2019-03-24T08:40:46+03:00Mar 24, 2019|9 Comments

Usually, when I write about new restaurants that just opened up I talk about the food, but not in this case. The Cardamom Club is a new Indian restaurant that recently opened up and I think it has the best looking interior of any restaurant in Kuwait.

The restaurant is part of the Napkin Affair group who also own the concepts Ubon, Ananas, Simsim, and Mana. They designed all their restaurants in house and until recently I had thought Ananas was their best work, but not anymore. So far I’ve been to The Cardamom Club twice and on both occasions, I thought the food was average but the interior really beautiful.

If you’re looking for a new place to try out you should give The Cardamom Club a visit, they’re located in Kuwait City right next to the pizza place Pinocchio’s. Here is their location on [Google Maps] and their instagram account is @cardamom.club

5 02, 2019

Copy or Homage?

2019-02-05T09:42:53+03:00Feb 5, 2019|48 Comments

At Qout Market this weekend, the local ice cream brand Moo Milk Bar had a very creative kiosk that resembled a sketch. It proved to be really popular with Instagrammers with lots of people taking photos of the kiosk and posting it on their accounts. But, word started spreading around that the creative kiosk idea was actually a copy of the work by the artist Joshua Vides. People started leaving comments that they had stolen the idea and Moo Milk Bar started deleting those comments.

Then yesterday, Moo Milk Bar posted that their kiosk was in fact a homage to Joshua Vides and not a copy. Thats clearly still causing controversy because it opens a lot of doors. Is it ok to copy something as long as you call it a homage? Some people think it is, others think it isn’t and I can understand the arguments for both sides, but I’m curious to what you think?

Here are more pictures to Moo Milk Bars kiosk [Link]
Here is a link to more of Joshua Vides work [Link]

Is this a copy or is it a homage?

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25 12, 2018

Local AIDS Posters circa 1990-1995

2018-12-25T11:28:20+03:00Dec 25, 2018|27 Comments

Back between 1990 and 1995, the Kuwait Ministry of Health and Kuwait National AIDS Committee commissioned these posters warning people about the dangers of AIDS. I think the posters now look very kitsch and I’d love to get a hold of the originals if they are still around.

If you think these posters are cool, you can download the hi-res versions to print from the links below:
Octopus Poster
Shark Poster
Doctors Poster
Boy Scouts Poster

via @thalithuhuma

28 08, 2018

Mogahwi Stationery – Kuwait City

2018-08-28T13:57:45+03:00Aug 28, 2018|7 Comments

Since Mogahwi closed down next to my place in Salmiya, I’ve resorted to going to Jarir in Boulevard Mall since that’s currently the closest decent stationary shop to me. But, I might stop doing that after dropping by Mogahwi’s Kuwait City location yesterday.

I used to pass by the Kuwait City branch whenever I needed anything urgently for work since it’s right down the street from me. But the store was old and outdated and I generally didn’t like shopping there.

But recently they gave the Kuwait City store a much-needed facelift. Other than the fact they’ve improved the lighting and given the space a paint job, they’ve also expanded the store and brought in a lot more brands and new items. They’ve now got a much larger variety of arts and crafts supplies as well as a large variety of spray paint brands including popular brands like Montana. They even have their own resident artist.

So if you’re a fan of Mogahwi but hated the Kuwait City store like me, then you should pass by now and check it out. They’re open daily from 9AM to 9PM except for Fridays when they open from 4:30PM. Here is their location on [Google Maps]

PS: If you’re a Copic Markers fan they now carry a very large assortment of their pens. (they still cost an arm and a leg though)

16 08, 2018

Cinescape Have a New Logo

2018-08-16T10:56:26+03:00Aug 16, 2018|11 Comments

Over the years Cinescape has gotten multiple of new logos with the last one being in 2014. My first impression, I don’t think I like it. I think my biggest issue with the new logo is that it’s two different logos slapped together to make one.

The red icon with KNCC written under it is the logo of the Kuwait National Cinema Company. Then you have the Cinescape wording with its unique typeface and sideways letter A “<" forming a secondary logo. In usage, they're either using the wording Cinescape with the KNCC icon combined as above, or they're using the < as their icon by itself. So they're flip-flopping between two icons constantly and that seems messy. I also see the shape < in two places, the first in the Cinescape wording and in the second in the red KNCC icon which makes it repetitive.

Their previous logo didn’t have the KNCC logo attached to it so not sure why they’ve attaching it now in this one. Personally, I think I might have preferred it simpler like in my mockup above. That way they can use the < as their icon when they want to and not have a secondary confusing icon next to the brand. I'm curious to see how the brand will develop over the next few months once all their theaters get the new facelift.