Abuelo Wins Best Designed Cafe Award

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards announced their list of winners for the Middle East & Africa category, and one of my favorite designed places in Kuwait just won.

Abuelo which was designed by Studio Nesef and is located in The Avenues won the award for the best designed cafe. I’m glad it did because I really do believe it is one of the nicest designed places in Kuwait. When it first opened I actually messaged Studio Nesef to let them know how much I liked the interior, it’s so visually interesting.

If you’ve never come across the place, it’s located in the alleyway adjacent to % Arabica in Avenues Phase 4.

To check out who else won, visit @restaurantandbardesignawards


Design Highlight: Tent House

This beautiful chalet is located in Al Khiran and was designed by the architecture firm TAEP/AAP. It’s been completed for awhile now but this weekend it popped up on my news feed and I just loved the design and all the various cozy-looking interior nooks.

The design of the house was inspired by the importance of shade in our desert climate so an oversized roof was designed over two internal units to provide protection from the sun and wind. The roof is also perforated so it could bring daylight into the interior spaces as well as offer views of the sky.

Another cool feature I liked is how open the house is while still being very private. A lot of homes usually have windows facing the main road and neighbors but then stay closed the whole time. The tent house was designed from the get-go to maintain privacy from the main road and neighbors while maximizing openness and transparency to the private beach and garden terraces.

If you want to see more of this house and other cool looking ones designed by the same firm, check out their website.


The Sadu Brick Road

The road right next to Sadu House that leads towards the National Museum and the National Library is being replaced with a Sadu brick road. No idea who came up with this idea but I love it!

Design Food

Design Highlight: Pattie Pattie

A few weeks ago I was invited to the opening of a new burger concept opened called Pattie Pattie. My first thought obviously was that we had too many burger joints already, most tasted the same and we really didn’t need any more. But I still went to the opening and although the burger was forgetful, the space wasn’t.

Pattie Pattie has to be one of the coolest-looking burger joints in Kuwait. I love spaces that bring something visually new to Kuwait, places that transport you to another place, there are a few spots that do it really well, Boost and Ovo for example are two that come to mind. Pattie Pattie is another place now that does the same.

The design of Pattie Pattie was created by the local creative studio WEFT and was inspired by the American fast food culture and the iconic mid-century architecture of California.

The design of the building was born from the limitations imposed on that plot of land. The land measured 365m2 but the permit limited the building size to just 5x18m (90m2). The exterior space had no particular restrictions, as long as the vertical structure was 90m2. As a result, WEFT designed a large canopy cutting across the full width of the plot in a dynamic diagonal composition. To further enhance the size of the small restaurant, they raised the plot by 30cm to frame the building and create a larger sense of scale.

Every design element had a reason from the bold colors to the integration of design-driven playful accessories. The result is basically this beautiful vibrant space that has now become a landmark in the neighborhood. If you want to check out the place in person here is the location on Google Maps or click here to see more.

Photos by @mashkanani


Sultan Center Rebrands

Yesterday Sultan Center launched their new Adailiya store and unveiled a brand new identity with it. They dropped the word Center from their name so it’s just Sultan now which is what everyone called it anyway. But, their new icon feels too generic with one friend describing it as looking like an energy company.

The new Adailiya store is part of the company’s original plan to launch 20 new stores between 2020 and 2025, with 14 stores already launched. Their 2025 vision is to have a Sultan store within a ten-minute reach from any point in Kuwait’s inhabited areas. There are currently 46 Sultan stores in Kuwait.

So what do you think about the new logo?


6 Beautifully Designed Coffee Shops in Kuwait

It wasn’t easy putting this list together with so many great-looking coffee shops in Kuwait, here click on more below to see the 6 most beautifully designed ones. If I missed a place, let me know in the comments.

Design Sneakers

Solelab – The Coolest Looking Sneaker Shop

Over the weekend I passed by the Solelab location in Shuwaikh and it’s HUGE. The place looks as good as it does in the photos and there’s even a beautiful coffee bar in one corner. Actually, if there were more seats and tables, it would also be a great-looking coffee shop.

I didn’t end up buying anything but they did have a pretty large selection of sneakers as well as some clothes from brands like Carhartt, Butter Goods, and Huff. There’s also a cool-looking sneaker laundry in case you want to get your sneakers cleaned.

If you want to check the place out, the store is located in Shuwaikh in the same complex as Spark and Pet Lobby. They’ve also got more photos on their account if you want to check them out @solelabkw

Design Kuwait

Google Celebrates Abdulhussain Abdulredha

Today’s Google homepage in the Middle East showcases an illustration created by the talented Kuwaiti illustrator, Ahmed Al-Refaie (owaikeo).

Google is celebrating the Kuwaiti comedian and national icon Abdulhussain Abdulredha on his 83rd birthday. Abdulhussain Abdulredha is widely considered to be one of the Arab community’s most significant actors and playwrights.

Ahmed has uploaded the process behind the illustration as well as some more information which you can check out on his Instagram account @owaikeo

Design Food

Over Jar Has a New Look

Last night Over Jar, the local chocolate concept launched a new branding and interior look for their stores. The new look feels a lot more modern and futuristic, unlike their older look which felt a bit more rustic. I hadn’t tried them before last night and although chocolate and crolls are their thing, I think they might have the best banana bread in Kuwait.

The first location to get the new facelift is their 360 Mall branch, so if you want to check it out that’s where you should head to. They’re in the old 360 Mall, right next to Asha’s. @overjar

Design Kuwait

World’s Largest Net Zero Community Planned for Kuwait

Yesterday the Dubai-based developer URB unveiled plans for XZERO CITY, a net zero carbon destination for 100,000 population that is planned for Southern Kuwait.

XZERO is a planned sustainable community, providing a net zero carbon lifestyle for 100,000 residents, in balance with nature. The city will provide food & energy security whilst promoting a green circular economy in an eco-friendly live, work & visit destination.

The development will provide 30,000 residential units and 30,000 jobs as well as tourism through its various eco-friendly hospitality assets, including a 5-star eco-resort and eco-lodges.

Sounds too good to be true?

I hadn’t heard of the developer URB until last night and looking through their Instagram and website it seems none of the projects they’ve proposed have actually been approved yet. So sadly this looks like a nice presentation but I don’t think anything will come of it.

For more details on the proposed project, click here.

Thanks Hind