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My Absolute Favorite Cheesesteak in Kuwait

I’ve been ordering from Bite Club ever since they opened back in December. As a cheesesteak fan, I tried Bite Club on a friend’s recommendation and was instantly hooked. Since then, I’ve become a regular customer.

When the Bite Club team briefed me for this post, they mentioned they believed they had one of the best cheesesteaks in Kuwait. Interestingly, (they don’t know this) but before they reached out to me I had been working on a list of the top cheesesteaks in Kuwait, and Bite Club was #1 on my list. I don’t think it’s just one of the best; I think it IS the best cheesesteak in Kuwait.

Bite Club was created by a group of friends who are very passionate about food. One of the reasons I love their Philly Cheesesteak, besides the incredible flavor, is the high-quality meat they use. This commitment to quality ingredients extends across their entire menu, they even make their sauces in-house from scratch so they can control every ingredient.

They have three different cheesesteaks on their menu, but the only one I’ve tried and usually order is their regular “Rib-Eye Cheesesteak”. In addition to the cheesesteaks they also have smashed burgers and fried chicken burgers on their menu, as well as a variety of sides that includes both normal and sweet potato fries, and “chickies”.

If you want to try my favorite cheesesteak in Kuwait, they’re available on Talabat, Deliveroo and Jahez. They also offer V-Thru pick up from their location in Hawally. Check them out @eatatbiteclub


YISWA – The Auction App where Prices Go Down

YISWA is an interesting local auction app where it works the other way around, prices go down instead of going up. It’s a new way to shop where the longer you wait, the better the price gets. But, wait too long and someone else might snatch the item up.

The way YISWA works is items go on sale one at a time in the app. They first get listed with the retail price, and then quickly start dropping down in price. The price keeps dropping until people buy the item and it gets sold out. Because there is no way to tell how many pieces are left in stock or how many people are interested in it, you want to set a price that is both reasonable for you and ensures you don’t miss out on the item.

So for example, starting tomorrow (Tuesday), YISWA will be selling pairs of VIP tickets for the Bassem Yousef and Maz Jobrani comedy show that’s taking place later this month. The retail price for the tickets is 140KD which is how much they will go on sale for. But, once the auction starts, the price will start dropping until the tickets get purchased by someone. The longer you wait, the cheaper the price will get but the higher the chance of someone else buying it.

YISWA have also included some features in the app to make the shopping experience easier. For example, you can preview upcoming auctions and ask the app to notify you when they start. You can also set a buy it now price for the items, so for example, you could set your buy it now price for the 2 VIP tickets at 100KD. If the price drops to your set price, the app will automatically purchase the tickets for you.

If you want to check the app out and just browse, you can do that without needing to sign up. Just download the app and check it out. For the download link, head over to their website

Events Promoted

Amer Zahr’s Stand-up Comedy Live in Kuwait

Amer Zahr, the popular Palestinian American comedian is coming to Kuwait to perform his hilarious stand-up show, “The Truth”.

Amer has previously headlined at New York City’s world-famous Carnegie Hall and John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. He also served as a national surrogate for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders back in 2016. His comedy tends to draw on his experiences growing up as a child of Palestinian refugees, performing on topics like politics, society, culture, Palestine, and more.

If you’re looking for a night out full of laughter, he’ll be performing in Kuwait on April 23rd at 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm. The show will take place at the American University in Kuwait Theater in Salmiya and tickets start at KD15.

Amer is proud to partner with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

To get your tickets head over to


Rewards by Red Bull MOBILE by Zain

Earlier this month, I got to visit the Red Bull Racing Factory in the UK. As a huge Formula 1 fan, it was an incredible opportunity and experience.

It all came about because of Red Bull MOBILE by Zain’s Weekly Rewards program. Every week Red Bull MOBILE by Zain has a small competition for their customers in which you can win various Red Bull related experiences and gear. Back in January they launched their biggest reward yet, an all-inclusive trip to visit the Red Bull Racing Factory in the UK. There would be two winners with each winner able to bring one companion with them on the trip.

Red Bull MOBILE by Zain asked me if I wanted to tag along on this trip with the winners, and I of course said yes.

The tour was insane, we got to see so much of the process behind designing and building an F1 car, and I couldn’t believe I was really there seeing it all in person. Majority of the tour involved being inside secured areas where no photography was allowed, but we were allowed to take photos inside their main hall where we were surrounded by the Red Bull championship-winning race cars, as well as the heritage department that works on restoring and keeping the older F1 cars running (they’re used for Red Bull Road shows around the world).

The winners of this trip were also F1 fans like me, one of the couples actually flew the next day from London all the way to Bahrain so they could be there for the first F1 race of the season. For sports fans, the Red Bull MOBILE by Zain rewards program is an incredible opportunity to win so many cool prizes from the world of Red Bull every week.

This Ramadan, Red Bull MOBILE by Zain also has an offer going on where all their plans are doubled. For example, with their Ready KD6 plan you now get 200GB’s and 200mins the first month instead of 100GB/100mins, and then the second month you get 400GB/400mins and the third month you get 600GB/600mins.

If you’re an F1 fan or just a sports fan in general, you should really think of signing up with them. For more info, check out @redbullmobilekw


Lumière Launches New Ramadan Desserts

Lumière have been around since 2017 and are famous for “Fluffs”, their super soft and fluffy stuffed donuts. But, Lumière also have a very large selection of cakes and desserts as well.

Other than their usual popular cakes like their Cream Brûlée Cheesecake and Pistachio Trifle, this Ramadan they’ve launched a number of exclusive items. Firstly there is a new chocolate cake they’ve called “Billionaire”. It’s a cake that they’ve been working on for sometime now and decided to launch it finally since they’ve managed to perfect it.

The Baklava Cheesecake is their other new Ramadan exclusive cake. They’ve taken their popular cheesecake base and infused it with baklava stuffing and crispy pastry layers on top.

Finally, they also launched two new Ramadan exclusive Fluffs, a rahash stuffed Fluff and a saffron stuffed Fluff. Their Fluffs not only look pretty in the photos, but they also look like that in real life. They’re also as soft and fluffy as they look.

All the new items are available to order right now. They’re available on Talabat and Deliveroo but you can also order directly through them.

Food Promoted

This Ramadan’s Perfect Chocolate Cake

When Chocomelt got in touch with me for this ad, I was familiar with their brand, but what I didn’t know was that since they launched 7 years ago, they’ve expanded to the rest of the GCC and now have 20 branches.

This year for Ramadan, Chocomelt are launching a special cake, one they’re so confident in that they’ve decided to name it after the brand, “The Chocomelt Cake”.

The Chocomelt Cake blends chocolate praline and creamy milk chocolate with buttery biscuits and a delicate layer of artisanal wafers. I tried the cake yesterday, and it was actually really delicious. I loved the combination of the slight crunchiness with the soft layers of chocolate, but also the fact that it wasn’t too dense and heavy.

What really impressed me as well was the packaging. The cake came inside a ceramic serving dish with Chocomelt written on the side, and that was inside a thick round cake box that came inside a special cake carrier. The whole thing felt very premium and so is perfect to take to gatherings.

Chocomelt just launched this new cake along with favorites from the previous years, and they’re all available now to order in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. To get the cake, head to and choose to either pick it up from any of their branches or have it delivered to you at a scheduled time.

Fashion Promoted

Pajamas Inspired by the Landscapes of Kuwait

Ibrah is a new ethical and sustainable online fashion store designed and produced in Kuwait. They recently launched a new look book showcasing their ‘serene pajama collection.’

The collection features pajamas with unique prints inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Kuwait. There are six distinctive patterns, each capturing the diverse natural elements found in Kuwait.

The pajamas are for both men and women, and there are kids sizes as well.

The whole concept is very interesting, and I like the fact that they were inspired by Kuwait, but then actually went ahead and produced them in Kuwait. Browsing their website the prices also seem very reasonable considering they’re a limited run.

If you want to check them out, visit their instagram account @shop.ibrah and also make sure you visit their website


Joe and The Juice is Now Exclusive on Deliveroo

If you’re a fan of Joe & The Juice like me, then you’re also going to be excited to know that they’ve now started delivery exclusively on Deliveroo.

I never had Joe & The Juice until they opened in Kuwait, but now I’m a regular and a fan of their club sandwich and “Pick Me Up” juice. I also really appreciate that they list the calories, not that I calorie count, but I do like knowing how many calories everything is.

Deliveroo is currently offering free delivery if you order from Joe & The Juice, so if you’re looking to order something for breakfast, lunch or dinner, now you know what. @deliveroo_kw


Promoted: Time Gallery by Time Keeper Now Open

Time Keeper, the extremely popular watch platform, has opened their first store called Time Gallery, but it’s not your everyday regular watch store. Time Gallery is a way for them to share unique brands and watches with those who appreciate the mechanical timepieces.

The store is located in Salhiya Complex and they’re authorized dealers for a number of interesting watch brands including Behrens, ClockClock24, Gerald Charles, Lebois & Co, Nivada Grenchen, Graham, Ikepod, Raketa and more. They also WOLF watch winders and boxes, leather and rubber straps for different watch brands, as well as watch related books.

The store is pretty cool looking with all the watches out on display. My favorite two brands were probably Lebois & Co and Raketa. Lebois & Co had a vintage look since the watches were all based on their vintage line. Raketa on the other hand is a Russian brand with their own in-house movements and have a very interesting and unique look to them. Also the fact they carry the brand WOLF is great since when I wanted one of their boxes, I was forced to buy it online because there was no local dealer back then.

If you’re looking for a new unique watch or if you’re just into watches and want to check out something new, Time Gallery is located on M1 of Salhiya Complex. Just head up the escalator and walk straight, they’ll be on the right hand side. @timegallerykw


Promoted: Buy Supplements Worth 25KD & Get 25KD Back!

Provin (@weareprovin) is a local brand that provides customers with access to high quality supplements and herbal remedies.

They carry around 100 brands including some really popular ones like NOW, Goli, Optimum Nutrition, Sundown and many more. If you aren’t sure what supplements you might need, not an issue, they have a short quiz you can take. I took the quiz and chose “Brain” as my health goal since I have a horrible memory and after answering a few questions, the app recommended three different supplements that could help me out. They make finding the right supplements for you really easy.

Because Provin is an online store, they’re also able to keep their prices very competitive. If you compare their prices to international platforms, they are generally similar once you factor in shipping and customs, but with the added benefit of having your supplements delivered in under 3 hours.

Right now Provin have a crazy Hala Cashback offer going on for the holidays. If you spend 25KD in their store, you get 25KD back as credit in your wallet, simple as that! Spend 25, get 25 back plus they will also deliver for free during this period.

This is a limited time offer so head over to their website


Promoted: New ‘youth from stc’ Postpaid Plans Revealed

If you’re a student, or young adult under the age of 24, stc just launched a brand new postpaid plan for you.

youth from stc is a comprehensive postpaid plan with a bunch of appealing benefits tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for discounts from renowned brands and lifestyle service providers such as Footlocker, Shein, Almosafer, and Careem, a convenient mobile plan with free entertainment, access to the newest mobile devices at affordable prices, or a reliable roaming data bundle for your travels, stc has you covered.

youth from stc is your ticket to non-stop monthly deals and discounts from our exclusive brand partners.

Sign up now online through the “my stc kw” app or through our website


Promoted: New Pizza Spinning Show Throughout February

Crazy Pizza is a pizza concept by the same people behind Cipriani and Billionaire. They opened in Shuwaikh last year and are known for their delicious thin crust pizzas and pizza-spinning chefs.

To celebrate Kuwait National Day, Crazy Pizza have a brand new show running this month alongside their usual pizza-spinning performances. The show is exclusive only to the Kuwait branch and is going to be performed everyday for lunch and dinner throughout the month of February.

If you’re looking for a good pizza and entertainment like nothing else in Kuwait to go along with it, head over to to reserve or call them on 99423011. They’re open daily from 1PM to 11PM. @crazypizza.kuwait


Promoted: Autocapital Opens New Larger Location

I posted about Autocapital last year, they’re a very easy to deal with one-stop shop that buys, sells, leases and rents cars. They’ve been around since 2018 and have been growing rapidly.

Last week, Autocapital opened their brand new showroom in Al-Rai, in place of where the Aston Martin dealership used to be. The new showroom is huge encompassing three floors with lots of cars on display.

I passed by the showroom to check it out for this post and I ended up getting a full tour of the facility, including the VIP area where they display supercars for sale that their owners prefer to keep private.

They had a pretty nice collection of cars on display, ranging from electric vehicles for lease, like Teslas and the Mercedes EQS, to cars for sale, like the Yaris GR, a classic 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline, and rare cars like the Hummer H1 Alpha. There’s a car for everyone and even motorbikes available for lease.

With high-interest rates and the cost of cars getting higher, lease-to-own or buying used makes a lot more sense nowadays. To find out more about Autocapital, visit their location in Al Rai, near The Avenues, or their Instagram @autocapital.kuwait


Promoted: Let’s Explore, A Creative Program for Kids

If you have children and are looking for activities to stimulate their minds, this post should interest you.

Let’s Explore is a dynamic program dedicated to nurturing creativity and curiosity in children aged between 4 and 12. They pop-up in different places around Kuwait and this month they’re based at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Their classes are designed to inspire and empower young minds through hands-on experiences, and lots of exploration. It’s a great way for kids to discover new interests while also making new friends.

There are two types of classes currently available, Little Explorers and Future Engineers:

Little Explorers:
– 🧪 Chemical Engineering with Sensory Play
– 💡 Electrical Engineering
– 🔬 Science
– 🎨 Arts and Crafts

Ages: 4 to 6
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Future Engineers:
– 🤖 Robotics
– 🛠️ Mechanical Engineering
– ⚡ Electrical Engineering
– 🚀 Aerospace Engineering

Ages: 7 to 12
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Time: 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

There are limited seats available so if you want to sign up your child, click here.

You should also follow them on Instagram if you want to find out about their upcoming Ramadan location, they just shared it with me and it’s going to be really fun for the kids. Here is their account @letsexplorenonstop


Smoke & Soda – Curated Fashion & Lifestyle

SMOKE AND SODA is a new Kuwait based online store that recently launched and is promising to bring something new to the regional fashion scene.

It’s a one-stop-shop with items ranging from electronics and self-care essentials, to clothes and home decor. Everything is curated so you’re only going to find the coolest and most interesting items for sale.

All their pieces are hand picked from places like New York, LA, London, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo, but they also have offerings from within our region. Some of the brands they carry include:

  • Billionaire Boys Club
  • Converse
  • Grown Alchemist
  • House of Sunny
  • Lottie London
  • Modern Home
  • Nikben
  • Pabe Pabe
  • Soxy
  • Stojo
  • This Works

With all the big franchises selling pretty much the same looking things, SMOKE AND SODA are trying to help you celebrate your individuality with more unique pieces. They’re champions of self-expression and want you to embrace your true self, free from judgment.

SMOKE AND SODA have both an online website and iOS and Android Apps. Check them out by visiting or clicking on the download link in their bio @smokeandsodame