Promoted: Chopsters – Your Everyday Steak Shop

I’m a fan of restaurants that are very focused with a small simple menu, and Chopsters is one of those places.

Chopsters is a locally created concept that is committed to making premium steak affordable without compromising on quality. They’re your everyday casual steak shop and they’re all about keeping things simple.

Their menu is composed of a handful of dishes so they can ensure excellent consistency and flavor every single time. Their most popular dish is their chopped steak served with their secret sauce, signature salad, home-baked bread and hand-cut fries. But, they also offer chicken, salmon and a very juicy beef brisket cheeseburger, so there’s something for everyone.

Another cool thing is that they’re located in Al Andalus, one of my favorite outdoor spaces especially with this cooler weather. You have a cinema there, a VR experience, a kids gym, and a bunch of retail shops, so they’re the perfect place to grab a bite before or after whatever activity you end up choosing.

No need for reservations, and no fancy dress codes, just come as you are. They’re open from 1PM to 11PM daily and you can check their instagram and here is their location on Google Maps.


Promoted: A New Coworking Space in Shuwaikh

Cove Workspaces is a new coworking space located inside Cove Complex in the heart of the Shuwaikh Industrial area. (Google Maps)

The Cove Complex houses 20+ different tenants including Doh!, AJAS Film Lab, Blend Cafe, Panther Fitness Gym and the soon to open Marco’s Burger by Vigonovo. The Cove Workspaces are spread out on the top floor of the complex and contains more than 40 offices for rent ranging from small to large sizes and are fully serviced.

Some of the services included are:

  • 24/7 Secure access
  • Smart cards
  • Unlimited wifi
  • Unlimited printing
  • Spacious parking
  • Multiple common areas/Hotdesks
  • 8 hours of free meeting room access per month
  • Outdoor workspace access in non event hours
  • Cleaning services during office hours
  • Kitchen services during working hours
  • IT Support

In addition to the above, Cove has a team dedicated to helping tenants get establishment paperwork for new commercial licenses that do not require a PACI number. So one less headache to worry about.

Cove Workspaces also offer a number of facilities that can be booked by anyone even if you aren’t a Cove tenant like their photography studio, meeting rooms, and a large 170sqm outdoor event space. All their facilities can be booked through the website

To top it off, Cove Workspaces are extremely competitively priced with a small office space starting at 200KD a month, a medium for 280KD and the largest office for 350KD.

If you want to find out more, check out their Instagram account @coveworkspaces


Promoted: Kashta Season is Back at the Marina Hotel

The weather is finally starting to cool down especially in the evenings which is why the Marina Hotel Kashta is starting their new season.

Their kashta gained in popularity over the past few years due to their location, setup and the different amenities they provide.

Two sessions are available daily, the first from 4PM to 7PM while the second is from 7:30PM till 11PM. Both sessions have different offerings and prices:

Sunset Kashta
Time: 4PM to 7PM
Includes: A set menu that has sliders, pizza, butterfly shrimps, french fries, and dessert.
Price: 15KD per person

Evening Kashta
Time: 7:30PM to 11PM
Includes: Live cooking stations featuring pasta, shawarma, pizza, BBQ and burgers. Desserts are also included as well as a selection of cold and hot drinks.
Price: KD19 per person

If you’re interested, you can book by calling them on 60074802 or by clicking here.


Promoted: iPhone 15 Pro Max is Available on Drops!

Drops, my favorite groceries delivery app just received the iPhone 15 Pro Max and they’re launching them on their app tonight.

They just have one model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB and in the hard to find “Natural” color. If you order before 10PM you’ll get the phone delivered within two hours or else you’ll get it the next day.

I’ve been using Drops for nearly 2 years now, and I’m a pretty loyal customer but I only recently found out they also sell electronics and home appliances. They have a lot of different Apple products available on their app and even TVs.

The phones are available in limited supply for 464.9 KD, so don’t miss out! @dropskuwait


Promoted: Chops – An American Influenced Kitchen

Chops is a new restaurant located in the city and it’s opening its doors tonight.

They preferred not to showcase much of the interior, as they want to provide customers with an in-person experience. However, I can mention that they have a nice seating area right on the main road that resembles an indoor garden, which I think will be a popular spot this winter.

The food is described as being American influenced, but instead of offering typical menu items, they’ve created a fusion by introducing unique and fresh flavors into familiar dishes.

The opening hours to begin with is from 6PM to 10PM and it’s walk-ins only, so no bookings required. They’re located on Ahmed Al Jaber Street, across from Dar Al Awadhi, so check them out. @chopskuwait


Promoted: Holy Guacamole Pop-up at the 360 Food Hall

One of my favorite places to order Mexican food when I’m at work is Holy Guacamole. I don’t remember how I found out about them but I know that it was their neon green and pink branding that initially caught my attention. Their main location is near my office in Kuwait City, right across from the Liberation Tower which is why I like ordering from them since the food always arrives quick and hot. Recently, they opened two new locations, one at the new Blajat beach project, and the other inside the Food Hall at 360 Mall.

Not a lot of people know this but Holy Guacamole have two Mexican Chefs running their kitchens which is why their food is pretty authentic. Chef Rafael Vega is currently stationed at the Food Hall while Chef Fernanda Barrera at Balajat.

The Blajat location is permanently there but their 360 spot is only a pop-up untill the end of the month. Their space is in the back corner and they’re selling some of the merch there (lots of pink) and also their new menu items including the Hamour Taco and the Smash Taco Burger.

If you’ve never tried them you really should. Their main Kuwait City branch is open 24 hours while their Blajat and 360 Food Hall locations are open from 11AM to 11PM. Check them out @holyguacamolekw

Information Promoted

Promoted: PIQR – The New Kuwait Events Management App

Two common complaints people tend to have are that there isn’t anything to do in Kuwait or they’re frustrated they found out about an event after it was already over. It’s mostly why my “Things to do this Weekend” list gained so much popularity. Then you also have complaints from people who are trying to organize workshops or events and find it difficult and frustrating to do so. This is where PIQR comes in.

PIQR is a newly launched social media app that allows people to find and attend various events like concerts, workshops, seminars, and more. From the other end of things, it also allows people and brands to organize and host their own events.

Hosting your own public or private event through the app is very simple to set up. If you’re a business planning an opening for a new store, you can easily create and promote the event using the app and extend the invitation to the public. Alternatively, if you’re organizing a birthday celebration for just you and your friends, you can set up a private event within the app and invite only the people you know.

As an event host, you’ll discover a variety of useful features such as the capability to effortlessly check people in and out of your events, as well as the option to send invitations to your followers. As a user, you’ll appreciate the ability to share tickets and invitations with friends, and you’ll love the convenience of having your unique QR code serve as your entry pass to all the events you’ve booked for.

The app just launched so it’s slowly starting to fill up with events but the more people use it the more useful it will become. If you want to download the free app, head over to @getpiqr for the link.


Promoted: Get Free Tenders with Burger King

Burger King Kuwait is currently running a pretty cool campaign where depending on the last number on your car plate, they’re giving away free tenders!

All you need to do is order any meal at one of their 39 drive-thru locations around Kuwait and whatever the last digit of your car plate is, you’ll get that number of tenders for free. I checked my cars and I have one that ends with the number 8 so I’m pretty much set.

It’s a limited time offer so if you want your tenders, go get them now.
To find out more, visit their instagram @Burgerkingkw


Promoted: How to Start a Side Business with Bzaaarz

Starting a side business in Kuwait isn’t very easy but Bzaaarz is a new app that is trying to make it easier.

Bzaaarz is an e-commerce app that allows anyone to open an online store and sell items with just a few clicks. The items you can sell are from their vast library of products that encompasses everything from electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, pet food and accessories, video games and a lot more.

The way it works is you create an account with Bzaaarz and then select from the thousands of items they have available in their library for you to sell. Anything you sell from your store you get a small percentage of the profits and the whole thing is fully automated and officially backed by the ministry of commerce and local banks.

If you’re an online influencer this could also be perfect for you. Imagine doing a makeup tutorial and then having all the items you used in the video available for your followers to purchase instantly from your store.

To download the app and find out more, check out @bzaaarz.partner


Promoted: The New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Z Fold 5 are here!

All that anyone seems to be talking about right now on my tech podcasts are the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 phones. They were recently announced by Samsung and come with a number of improvements over the previous generation models. Both devices along with other new Samsung products are launching in Kuwait today. Here are the details:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
Comes in 4 colors: Cream/Lavender/Mint/Graphite
Sizes: 256GB/512GB
Starts from KD322

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
Comes in 3 colors: Cream/Phantom Black/Icy Blue
Sizes: 256GB/512GB
Starts from KD573

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
Comes in 2 colors: Beige/Graphite
Sizes: 128GB/256GB
Wireless: 5G/Wifi or Wifi Only
Starts from KD302

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Comes in 16 different variations
Starts from KD109.900

All the Samsung devices are available on the Switch website or in store.

Switch also have a trade-in option, any brand device can be traded-in for a mobile phone or tablet. The value of the trade-in will depend on the model and condition of the device.

If you want an installment plan Switch also has that system with Tabby. Payments can be split in 4 installments, along with a trade-in of up to 3 devices. Other installment options are also available including Easy Buy, Easy Pay (Gulf Bank), and Flexi Pay (NBK).

For more details, visit


Promoted: Fatcap’s Char-Grilled Juicy Burgers

Fatcap is a new restaurant that opened in Kuwait City and is focused on char-grilled food. They currently have two cheeseburgers available, the Fatcap Burger with a marrownaise sauce, and an OG burger with mustard, ketchup, and pickles. There are also various sides to choose from including farm fries, cajun fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. Finally, they also have a nostalgic chocolate cake for dessert.

I hadn’t tried a new burger place in such a long time so I was pretty excited to try Fatcap. A friend at work had been telling me about their burgers for some time because of their killer marrownaise sauce. He wasn’t wrong, I tried both their burgers and it was hard to pick a favorite. 

The restaurant is located in Sharq, right next to Bao and Lavan (Google Maps). It’s a cute place with around 7 tables and plenty of parking. Because they’re focusing on quality they don’t have delivery only dine-in and pick-up. They’re open daily from noon till 11:30PM. Closed on Sundays.

Check them out @eatfatcap


Promoted: Introducing MyHome’s Hourly Cleaning Service

MyHome is an app that offers a variety of home services you can order ranging from AC maintenance and plumbing work to painting, electrical, and anything else you might require. One useful feature they also offer is their hourly cleaning service.

I know from personal experience that it’s not easy to find a part-time cleaner to come over and clean the house on a regular basis which is why I think this service is really useful. Starting at 18KD for 4 hours, MyHome will send over a small team to your house with all the materials and equipment needed to clean your place. Their service encompasses everyday cleaning tasks such as carpet vacuuming, floor sweeping, surface wiping, and more.

MyHome’s attention to detail is paramount which is why their staff undergo rigorous training and must follow a comprehensive cleaning checklist to ensure a level of cleanliness akin to caring for one’s own home. It’s also why they’re able to offer a “MyHome Guarantee”. If a customer is unsatisfied with the cleaning, MyHome will redo the cleaning job the following day.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, MyHome also offers a monthly cleaning package ranging from 4 visits a month up to 16. Additionally, MyHome can also provide you with a deep cleaning service that can effectively tackle embedded dirt, stains, and hard-to-reach areas.

As an exclusive deal to my readers, MyHome is offering a 24.8% discount on the monthly packages for 248AM readers until July 15, 2023. Simply use the code 248AM on checkout to apply this deal.


Kuwait’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Located in Sharq, the Cartoon Network theme park is a franchise by Warner Bros and is the largest indoor theme park in Kuwait. The park, which was developed in collaboration with Future Kid spans a massive 3,500 square meters and provides visitors with a unique opportunity to interact with beloved Cartoon Network characters and brands.

One of the key attractions of the park is the Ben 10 themed Immersive Adventurer ride, supplied by the UK-based dynamic media attractions specialist Simworx. This ride is a highly dynamic, 3DOF motion simulator, designed as a 16 seat ‘vehicle’ that uses 13 video screens to project media on all sides of the vehicle, even the roof, fully immersing riders in the world of Ben 10.

The park continues to evolve and improve, with a complete redevelopment undertaken in 2019, replacing all the existing rides and introducing new, exciting attractions.

To find out more about the park, visit @cnworldkw

This post is a paid partnership.


Promoted: CARI, Your True 30-Min Food Delivery App

CARI is a food delivery app that promises to deliver your food within 30 minutes. Since I first posted about them back in October, there have been significant changes to the app.

Firstly, many new restaurants have joined the platform and are now part of the 30-minute delivery guarantee. These include BBT, Chucks, RHS, Marble Slab Creamery, Arabica, Domino’s Pizza, Johnny Rockets, DOH, Vigonovo, and others.

CARI has also managed to secure some popular restaurants exclusively on its platform, such as BFTP, Shrimp Pot, Holy Katsu, and Bob’s. Additionally, CARI has introduced a new feature called the “Delivery Box,” which is a secure box installed outside your home to keep your food hot after delivery. If you’re interested in getting one of those, you can contact them through their DM.

It’s worth noting that all deliveries on CARI are free of charge.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of McDonald’s, you are in for a treat! McDonald’s is on CARI and for the first time ever, McDonald’s is free delivery!

If you want to find out more about CARI, their website is and their Instagram is @get.cari


Promoted: Lease-to-Own: An Affordable Way to Own a Car in Kuwait

Are you an expat in Kuwait looking to own a car but don’t want to put a large down payment? Or maybe you’re struggling to buy a car because you don’t have a guarantor? If you answered yes to any of these then a lease-to-own program is a great option.

With Autocapital, anyone can lease a car since the only requirements are ID, a salary certificate, and a bank statement.

Purchasing a car through an Autocapital lease-to-own program has a number of benefits including:

  • Select the car you want including the specifications and color.

  • Option to purchase the car after the rental period is up.

  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs since it’s covered under the lease.

  • Full insurance and roadside assistance are included as part of the lease.

With high-interest rates and the cost of cars getting higher, lease-to-own makes a lot more sense than traditional financing, and you don’t need to go through the bank either. Autocapital are also partners with all the car brands which is why you get to choose to lease whatever car you want. And because they work hand in hand with the dealers, they also get better price options.

Autocapital is a one-stop shop, they buy, sell, lease, lease-to-own and rent cars. They’re located at the Sirbb Circuit in Shuwaikh and to find out more about their Lease-To-Own program, you can visit their website or check out their Instagram @autocapital.kuwait