PROMOTED: Start Your Own Aseer Time Franchise

Aseer Time are the largest juice shop franchise in Kuwait and they’ve been around for over a decade now. They have over 200 branches around the world including stores in Bahrain, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Denmark, and USA. They’re actually the first Kuwait brand to open more than 5 stores in the US.

With their continued transformation into a globally recognized brand, they’re looking for new franchise partners and you could be one of them.

The steps to joining Aseer Time are simple and straightforward:

  1. Submit the Franchise Request Form
  2. Get to know each other physical meeting or through video conference meeting
  3. Signing of the Franchise Contract
  4. Secure a site and construct your shop
  5. Training the team to be ready to run the business
  6. Grand opening

If you’re interested in owning a Aseer Time franchise, contact us on:

WhatsApp: +965 60065377
Email: [email protected]


PROMOTED: ABBA Tribute Band Live in Kuwait

Tribute Band
Live in Kuwait on 14-October-2022
The Arena Kuwait, 360 Mall


After their performance in more than 65 cities from New York, Rome, Milan, London, Berlin, Paris, and Dubai, Finally the ABBA tribute Band will perform live at the Arena Kuwait on 14th October. Sing along with Abba’s biggest hits such as “Waterloo”, “Fernando”, “Take A Chance On Me”, “Dancing Queen”, “Mamma Mia”, “Money Money Money” and, of course, “Thank You for the Music” still have the power, as they did back then, to bring the audience to their feet.

The two-hour concert transports the audience back to the 1970s and brings the Swedish pop phenomenon back together again on stage in the form of a band whose appearance, sound, and gestures, as well as glitzy outfits and choreography, mimic the originals down to the last detail.

Don’t miss this day and join us on October 14th at The Arena Kuwait for an unforgettable concert.

Tickets start from KD 25 and are available at


PROMOTED: Toyota Supra

The Supra name evokes the power, performance, and handling that defined a succession of world-class cars for a quarter of a century, which built a reputation both as formidable performers on the road and all-conquering machines on the racetrack. The GR Supra is the first Toyota global model developed entirely by GAZOO Racing (GR). The team has been developing its cars and people through its participation in motorsports with the goal of making ‘ever-better’ cars ever since first competing in Germany’s 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race in 2007. GR’s years of knowledge and expertise have been channeled into bringing the Supra back to life in the form of Toyota GR Supra, an all-new expression of pure sports car performance that people the world over will find fun to drive.

The launch of the all-new GR Supra marked the end of a 17-year hiatus since the production of the previous generation concluded in 2002. As with all previous generations, the GR Supra is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicle powered by an inline six-cylinder engine. Extensive attention has also been paid to the fundamental elements of wheelbase, tread, and center of gravity, thus achieving superior handling performance befitting a pure sports car.

GR Supra’s 3.0-liter turbocharged engine produces up to 335 hp and 500 Nm of torque. The torque comes on strong even from very low engine speeds, thanks to a combination of a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct fuel injection, and continuously variable timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. Engine response is further enhanced thanks to the inline six’s variable intake-valve lift system, which adjusts intake valve timing and duration for optimal performance. The 8-speed automatic transmission delivers speedy up and downshifts, and features paddle shifters for manual control when desired. Short ratios for the lower gears and a launch control function, which is not intended for use on public roads or repeated short interval use, enable powerful acceleration with maximum traction.

The Supra offers two driving modes, Normal and Sport. The Sport Mode sharpens throttle response, increases steering weight, and improves transmission shift crispness. This mode also engages a more aggressive active differential tuning and amplifies the exhaust sound. Meanwhile, Traction Mode can be activated as part of the Vehicle Stability Control System to provide track-driving capability by reducing the intervention of the traction and stability control functions. Launch Control is available only when the vehicle is in Sport and Traction modes.

For performance driving enthusiasts, the all-new GR Supra offers an active differential that uses an electric motor and multi-plate clutches to control lateral torque. The active differential precisely controls torque distribution between the rear wheels when cornering under both acceleration and braking, enabling greater momentum through a corner, with step-less variable locking from 0-100 percent. Excellent handling and stability and superior ride comfort are realized through the vehicle’s optimized construction, which incorporates both front double-joint type MacPherson strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension.

For more information or to book a test drive, click here.


PROMOTED: Deliveroo Launches 2022 Restaurant Awards for the First Time in Kuwait

Deliveroo Kuwait, the leading food-delivery company, has announced it is launching Deliveroo’s annual Restaurant Awards for the first time in Kuwait, revealing a list of many amazing local restaurants that have been long-listed across 19 award categories.

The awards, which Deliveroo (global) first launched in 2019, were created to celebrate the best restaurants around. As of today, the Kuwaiti public can vote for their favorite local restaurants and help crown 19 restaurants as winners.

Deliveroo has identified 19 award categories to showcase the best food delivery available to customers on the platform including Best Burger, Best Asian, Best Pizza, Best Middle Eastern, Best Fried Chicken, Best Dessert, Best Italian, Best Plant Based, Most Loved Chain, Best Newcomer on Deliveroo, Best Coffee, Best Fine Dining, Best Healthy Restaurant, Best Family Restaurant, Best Value Eats, Best Delivery Only Brand, Best Japanese, Best Poke, and Restaurant of The Year.

For The Restaurant of the Year Award, customers will be able to vote for their favorite restaurants meaning any brand on the platform has a chance to win, no matter how big or small.

After a week from the launch, Deliveroo Kuwait will reveal the top restaurants that have been shortlisted in each category, as voted for by customers. Voting will re-open again for one final chance to vote for the winners of each category, which will be announced online on 9 June during the virtual Deliveroo Kuwait Restaurant Awards 2022 held on Deliveroo’s Instagram and Twitter channels.

Seham AlHusaini, general manager at Deliveroo Kuwait, said: “In keeping with an annual and beloved global Deliveroo tradition, we are incredibly excited to be launching Deliveroo’s annual Restaurant Awards for the first time in Kuwait! It’s no secret that Kuwait has some of the best flavors and most unique restaurant concepts in the region, and we can’t wait for our restaurant, and coffee, partners to get the recognition and accolades they deserve.”

The food delivery company is encouraging restaurants, and customers to vote and tune in to see who will take home the 19 trophies, including the coveted “Restaurant of the Year” Award. The Restaurant Awards have become one of Deliveroo’s most anticipated annual global events, and for the first time in Kuwait, customers are going to be able to take part and vote for their favorite local restaurants and more.

The first round of voting is open from 12 May. The shortlist will be revealed on 24 May. To vote, click here.


PROMOTED: Deliveroo Launches “Deliveroo Plus” Subscription for Unlimited Free Deliveries In Kuwait

Deliveroo has announced the launch of Deliveroo Plus, a new, unlimited free delivery subscription service available to customers in Kuwait.

Deliveroo Plus is a new membership service that allows members to receive unlimited free delivery on all food, coffee and grocery orders worth KD 5 or more, for only KD 3.500 per month. Starting today, the membership service is available for all customers who sign up, with every new member also receiving a free trial period of at least 30 days.

It is worth noting that Deliveroo Plus is currently the only food delivery platform in Kuwait to offer a membership service to its customers. The launch of the new service comes as part of Deliveroo Kuwait’s ongoing commitment to enhancing customer experience and the local food industry. Plus subscribers also benefit from exclusive restaurant offers in their neighborhoods.

As the market’s only food delivery membership service, Deliveroo Plus offers customers the chance to save money while enjoying more of the food, coffee, and groceries they love. As of today, customers in Kuwait will see the option to sign up for the Deliveroo Plus service at checkout or in the ‘Account’ section of the app and website. Sign up today to start your 30-day free trial and start saving!


PROMOTED: Deliveroo Kuwait Turns Three!

Deliveroo celebrates its third year of deliveries in Kuwait
Deliveroo Kuwait is turning three! Since launching in Kuwait in February 2019, Deliveroo Kuwait has come a long way in elevating the local food delivery experience, and setting the bar high for food aggregators not only in the country, but also the region.

“This month marks Deliveroo Kuwait’s third year of business in the local market, a milestone that was made possible only through the commitment of our incredible team of employees and riders, and through the trust that our customers place in us, each and every day,” says Seham AlHusaini, general manager at Deliveroo Kuwait. “As we look to the future, we would like to continue to spearhead a spirit of innovation in the food delivery and food technology space, all while ensuring the highest levels of both our customers’ and riders’ satisfaction. With multiple milestones under our belt only three years in, we’re also reflecting on our achievements in the local market so far, and can’t wait for what’s to come!”

Here’s a look back at what Deliveroo Kuwait has accomplished since launching in the local market three years ago:

Service Hero’s “Best Delivery App” Winner
Deliveroo Kuwait has been named the “Best Delivery App” in Kuwait by Service Hero, the company providing the region’s only consumer-powered customer satisfaction index. This year, Deliveroo Kuwait took home the award for best delivery app, a tribute to the delivery platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence throughout the year.

Loving Local
Since the start, Deliveroo Kuwait has set itself apart with its ongoing initiative to support local businesses. The delivery platform regularly encouraging customers to order their favorite coffees, meals and groceries from their most beloved local brands, and has even launched a successful Instagram campaign under the hashtag #LoveYourLocal in which AlHusaini interviews some of the faces behind our most beloved homegrown brands. So far, Deliveroo Kuwait has shed a spotlight on OVO, Wilgrow, Matbakhi, Shawarma Sharaf, and Ahmad Al Zamel, with even more to come.

Rider Satisfaction
As a testament to its commitment to rider satisfaction, no other local delivery app places such a large emphasis on rider support. Last year, Deliveroo Kuwait paid multiple riders across its fleet up to £10,000 each as part of the delivery platform’s global initiative to thank riders for their efforts in delivering great food to customers all across the world. The payments were part of a “Thank You” Fund for riders, and one of multiple initiatives aiming to pay tribute to the invaluable role that riders have played in the company’s journey throughout the years.

Creativity & Innovation
The Deliveroo Kuwait team has also set itself apart with its creative ideas to enhance rider safety, constantly launching initiatives in the interest of rider protection and satisfaction. Since its launch, Deliveroo Kuwait has spearheaded various activities to support riders throughout the year and through multiple initiatives, including the provision of specialized rider kits, cooling vests, water, resting spots, and more.

In honor of its birthday bash, Deliveroo Kuwait is offering customers exclusive discounts on some of their favorite local restaurants and coffee shops, including Cinescape, Caribou Coffee, and so much more. Follow Deliveroo @deliveroo_kw on Instagram for more updates!


PROMOTED: talabat supports riders using its platform by providing a life and work injuries insurance

As part of its ongoing efforts to the safety and well-being of riders working with its platform, talabat Kuwait’s leading food and grocery delivery platform – announced today it will provide life and work injuries insurance to the Delivery’s partners riders to insure riders against work-related incidents and injuries.

Commenting on the announcement, Bader Ibrahim Al-Ghanim, talabat Kuwait’s Managing Director said: “This announcement is in line with our efforts to always prioritize riders safety and well-being when using the talabat platform, and this is what these newly introduced policies will ensure. Additionally, this and similar initiatives will further support local small and medium-sized companies operating in the Delivery sector in Kuwait”.

Al-Ghanim added that ‘talabat always thrives to establish initiatives aiming to improve riders everyday well-being, which means they are always confident when using the talabat app to deliver to customers their favorite meals and groceries’ which in turn means they are always confident about delivering for talabat app users, to deliver them their favorite meals and groceries”.

The attention given to the health and well-being of riders using the talabat app, whether during or outside of working hours, is an integral part of the company’s culture. This has been evident in a number of initiatives including this one which the company has launched in the past.

Various Initiatives:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, talabat has been working on developing and enhancing the overall experience riders have when delivering or using the platform. The company introduced various initiatives in the past that focused on different aspects of the riders every day including their health, well-being, and personal finances. This comes as part of talabat’s belief that riders are the company’s everyday heroes who make it possible to deliver to people around the region their favorite orders anywhere and at any time.

Al-Ghanim concluded his statement by adding ‘Supporting the delivery sector is of great importance and is necessary for everyone in the industry, and we, therefore, encourage others to adopt similar initiatives that do not only support business owners, but also those who are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic, and to positively impact thousands of riders in the industry.’

Food Promoted

PROMOTED: Wimpy Rebrands and Relaunches

One of the first burger franchises to open in Kuwait was Wimpy back in 1969. So when I was approached by Wimpy’s marketing team to visit their newly relaunched concept I was intrigued. There are so many more burger places today than there ever were back in the 70s and 80s so I was curious as to how the OG burger joint would decide to compete. I ended up passing by yesterday for lunch to try the place out and I left impressed. Wimpy didn’t just get a new logo and some new packaging, instead, the whole concept got rebuilt from the ground up and every single part of it got upgraded.

I ended up ordering their Tripple Wimpy B combo but based on the messages I got from my instagram followers, I should have ordered the old school with egg burger or the chicken pury wrap since these two seem to be their most popular items. The last time I had Wimpy my experience wasn’t so great so I’m glad they fixed things up. The new branding is bright and fun and their new burgers are wayyyyy better than they ever used to be. Wimpy now use beef patties that are made fresh to order and they’re smashed similar to other good burger places. I didn’t have the chicken but they’re also now fresh and hand-breaded. For the buns, they’re using custom potato buns by Kuwait Flour Mills. I was only planning to take photos and have a few bites of the burger since I was on my way to a tasting when I dropped by, but I ended up eating the whole burger because it was that good. Oh, and if you’re a fan of crinkle-cut fries then you’re gonna like the new Wimpy fries.

Wimpy currently has two locations, a branch in Nuzha and one in Shamiya. They’re also planning to open a new location in Jabriya next week right next to the large KFC facing the 4th Ring Road. They offer delivery, car hop, and pickup as well as having a small outdoor seating. If you’re interested in checking out their full menu including their all-day breakfast and newly expanded beverage menu, check them out on instagram @wimpykwt


PROMOTED: Al Maha Tower Residential Apartments

Kuwait City’s impressive skyline has welcomed a new skyscraper that sets a new benchmark for high-end urban living. Located in Bneid Al Gar and rising a stunning 22 stories above the city, Al Maha Tower offers a new definition of contemporary apartment living complete with breathtaking panoramic views and provides its residents with subtle but exclusive luxury.

Al Maha Tower’s strategic location near the city centers, trade zones and famous shopping centers enhances convenience and provides the perfect home next to workplace and modern lifestyle experiences.

Adding to that, Al Maha features superior amenities including a rooftop infinity pool, fully equipped gym, rooftop barbeque area, high-speed internet, 24/7 security service, landscaped gardens, and outdoor and indoor children’s play areas that enable kids to safely enjoy. These amenities offer endless possibilities for comfort, security, independent lifestyle and enhanced quality of life.

To learn more about all that Al Maha Tower has to offer, please call 5173 5543


PROMOTED: Al Nada Tower Residential Apartments

Situated at a scenic and strategic location near the Arabian Gulf coast, Al Nada Tower now introduces a new concept to contemporary living by combining modern lifestyle experiences with design, luxury and comfort.

This premium residential building located in Dasman offers everything that makes up the perfect home. Its elegantly designed apartment units housed over 25 floors offer breathtaking views of the city and sea, and is located in close proximity to Kuwait City, the financial district, and numerous shopping centers.

Al Nada Tower provides a range of amenities and facilities designed for your utmost comfort and convenience, including:

• Rooftop infinity pool
• Large lap pool on the ground floor
• Fully equipped gym
• Outdoor and indoor kids play area
• Barbeque area
• Security personnel, CCTV, and entry/exit access controls
• Underground car parking
• Large built-in closets/wardrobes and cabinets
• Appliances provided for all flats
• Flexibility in renting furnished or unfurnished flats

To learn more about what Al Nada Tower offers, please call 90030901 or visit our Instagram @alnadatower