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Last week Nat had dinner with some of her friends at a new restaurant that just opened up in Kuwait City called Ruby’s. She had a good experience and suggested that we pass by for lunch yesterday.

From outside the place doesn’t look like much since the shops and buildings next to it are pretty old but once you walk into Ruby’s it’s a completely different atmosphere. The place is pretty spacious and has a very cozy look and feel to it. We sat down in a comfy corner and the waitress brought us the menu. The first thing that impressed me was with how minimal their menu was. They have only 3 salads, 3 panini’s, 3 pastas and 3 burgers which I thought was very brave. Restaurants here seem to get the impression you need to have a million items on your menu but you really don’t since it’s about the quality not quantity.

Nat ordered the Mango Pumpkin Chicken Salad while I ordered the Bronte Burger on my first visit and the Chicken and Mango Chutney Panini on my second (had lunch there yesterday and today). Nat really loved her salad and I thought my burger which had a sweet chili sauce was really well made. It was delicious and on my second visit I was really tempted to order it again but decided to try something else and I am glad I did. As much as I thought their burger was amazing the Chicken and Mango Chutney Panini was even better. The Mango Chutney was sweet and gave the panini amazing flavor, I really loved it. I also ordered their chocolate dessert on my second visit and although it was good, I would prefer the Chocolate Fondant at Life with Cacao or the Chocolate Pudding at Slider Station instead.

Their prices are very decent. Their menu ranges from KD2.250 for their cheapest Salad up to KD3.750 for their Shrimp in Linguine which is their most expensive dish.

Ruby’s has been open I think for around 2 weeks only. They still don’t have a sign outside and they will be installing their Knet machine hopefully this week according to the waitress. I’ve drawn a map to the location which you can view [Here]. The service is great, the place is cozy and the food is amazing. I highly recommend the place.

Update: Currently (as of December 29, 2010) they open from 3PM to 11PM. According to the employees there within the next 10 days they will start opening from 11AM to 11PM. Their phone number is 22496526,

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  1. axed-gamer says:

    I’ll try it!
    and nice work with the maps , beats my Navigator any time.

  2. Ugly Kid says:

    Glad you enjoyed it.
    I bet someone, somewhere out there is pissed you can write good feedback about restaurants :)

  3. don Veto says:

    Take that Benihana :P

  4. XX says:

    I went to this place last week since it’s close to my office and it was amazing! Great service, great atmosphere, great music, and amazing food!

  5. faisal says:

    The shrimp linguini was amazing that was the dish to try

  6. Mark says:

    If I was to ever open a restaurant I would hope it would be similar to this style. Simple menu, cozy atmosphere and I would probably have some cool lounge music playing :)

  7. Ahmed says:

    Try their whaleys’s burger it’s amazing. The kind of burger that will make you come back to the restaurant a few times a week.

  8. Razag says:

    Guess worth checking the place very soon!

  9. WTFDating says:

    I think someone from Benihana is reading this now and choking .

  10. mocman says:

    its a lot easier if you had used a google maps screencap.

    gonna try it next week.

  11. maya says:

    its so cool, cute accessories some are from auctions, lovely ambiance specially at night and the food is so delicious … another good thing : it has a parking in front of it

  12. Love the name and I can’t wait to try it.

  13. Bibi says:

    This restaurant is in NY and the owner managed to get here in Kuwait!!!! I was impressed especially since Ruby’s a tiny place in little Italy soho NYC and is soooo small with only 4 tables!

  14. mobi says:

    gonna check it out today, then maybe try it out. thanks for the heads up mark :D

  15. Thuraya Lynn says:

    this looks like a neat recommendation, thanks! Will be sure to visit this coming week~

  16. Crys says:

    Hey can someone pls give a the exact location I would like to try it out, I didn’t really understand the map

  17. moe80s says:

    Mark I’ll definitely give it a try.. :)

  18. Phoenix says:

    Nice place but I’m afraid the Benihana folks might think you are taking customers away from them with such a positive review.

  19. Nouf says:

    Do you have their number?

  20. Summer says:

    seems great! i’ll check it out soon :D

  21. zaydoun says:

    Right across from my office… must try it soon!

    I hope people don’t confuse it with Ruby Tuesdays

  22. Aslawi says:

    Hi Mark,

    i went there with my colleagues after reading your post but found the place closed,any idea on what time they open?

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