6 Beautifully Designed Coffee Shops in Kuwait

It wasn’t easy putting this list together with so many great-looking coffee shops in Kuwait, here click on more below to see the 6 most beautifully designed ones. If I missed a place, let me know in the comments.

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You’re both grammatically wrong…the correct form of the sentence is as follows:
—It’s “located” on google maps—
HOWEVER…colloquialy the most common and effective reply is:

—You can find it on google maps—
So between the two of you Nasser was closer to being right!

Cheers to being dickish!

Toby’s Estate opened up in place of the bus depot near Jumeraih Hotel, interesting location but dunno about the decor inside, haven’t been there yet. They have an outdoors area but never found it appealing to sit there.

There are too many cafes/ coffee shops – some made to look like pubs with lights and stuff. I wonder how many of them make money.. with most people getting a coffee and lounging around for hours. Some of the fancy ones seem to be in high rental locations like pricey malls, murouj and the likes

I liked the parking outside the old Toby’s cuz we could park our cars and sit outside looking at them but I prefer the interior of the new location more

Excellent choices, although I would have to add Richard’s Coffee Bar in Kuwait City among them. I love the chill vibes, vibrant string lights and the humble plants that adorn the cozy atmosphere!

Interesting that El & N are not among the chosen ones.
Think it is too garish & way too pink to get nominated in Kwt.

Its tacky and cheap.. even with the pink they could have made it classy.. but it looks horrible with those cheap pink plastic flowers everywhere

A whole in the wall coffee shop in Kuwait City – La Verde in Dasman Complex next to Sai Garden and Singapura.. cute, serene and relaxing between all the plants! Worth a visit!

On a lighter note Kuwait does not have any coffee shops not in the true (Dutch) sense, at least! It is coming time to push the envelope further and transform some of the existing coffee shops into well, ‘coffee shops’ 😉🙌🏻

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