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Salmiya Co-op – 1973

I wish there were more photos but you can at least check these two out in full-resolution on twitter @ArabiaArchive

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Salmieh co-op was something else. I preferred their new building to the old since it was fairly modern for its time. Far more than Salmieh, though and for reasons that are not clear to me now as then, Shamiya and Keifan coops held pride of place in our hearts.

The coop was a top spot for sightings in Kuwait of the grand multi-paras of Nablus & Ramallah. As a child of around 7 years old it used to have me wondering if shoppers going the family way were making a quick pit stop at the Coop on their way to the labor ward.

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Back when people pulled up to the jamiya in an Oldsmobile, Cadillac or a Lincoln with white wall tires and would actually SLAM the door shut which was very satisfying.

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