Xcite Have a New Website

I just noticed Xcite have updated their website with a new design and it’s super fast. The design itself isn’t that special but the speed of navigation is. Check it out

One thing I did find weird is navigating through the drop-down menu requires clicking and not hovering to open up sub-menus. Seems very old school.

The Best Electronics website seems will also be getting an update but in the meantime have strangely shut down the whole website to do so.

Update: A reader highlighted a major flaw with the Xcite website which is the fact you can’t open products in separate tabs. Hopefully, that’s something they’re planning to fix because it’s a major navigation flaw the way it is now.

Update2: Looks like they heard us, products can now be opened in new tabs!

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Looks like Xcite is moving to world class level in e-com, I love the new design and functionality it looks nice and neat!

yeah except for the fact you can’t open anything in a new tab, that makes navigation actually slower and a worse experience than the previous website

so they are using bootstrap and jquery along with tailwind but still, they manage to load it faster. I analysed the site with lighthouse it shows really bad performance though.
other competitors will be following them as they always have, good to see they tone down on the flashy banners. looks elegant now.

The website look and feel (fonts, etc) is very basic.. like a newbie designed it.. some of features dont seem to be work (for example it doesnt sort by ‘Best Offer’)

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