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Sneak Peek: Nando’s at The Warehouse

Nando’s will officially be opening in Kuwait next week at The Warehouse Mall on February 21st according to the Nando’s team (20th will be a private event).

I was invited yesterday for a sneak peek and to take some pictures. The coming soon hoarding was still up so I couldn’t get a shot from the outside, but I did take some interior shots which you can check here.

I also found out that they will be opening Nando’s in Salmiya, and very near to where I live. Along with The Warehouse Mall and the Al Kout Mall locations, it would mean there will be at least three Nando’s in Kuwait opening this year.

Their Instagram account is now live so if you want to stay posted on the opening and more, check out

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The decor will go rather well with some beer on the tap and peri peri chicken on the side.
Bottoms Up! 🍻

Idk what Nando’s you go to but I’ve never heard of a Nando’s with beer on tap. Granted I am I cider gal but that doesn’t diminish my point, they’ve always had pre-packaged beer. Just go to the pub after you’re done like everyone else.

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