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Vigonovo is a new small Italian restaurant that just opened up a couple of days back in Salmiya. The restaurant is run by an Italian chef called Marco and I passed by yesterday to check it out. Vigonovo is the name of a town in Northern Italy where Marco comes from so he infuses the characteristic and flavors of his province into his dishes. The menu is fairly small consisting of 3 salads, 4 first mains, 3 second mains and a few desserts. Only a few of the items are permanently on the menu while the rest change all the time. Every morning Marco heads to the local market to see what produce is available and based on his findings, he creates a menu for the day. I like that. A lot.


You could check out yesterdays menu (and prices) since I took a picture of it [Here]. I went with the Cupcake Lasagna, the Pumpkin Tortelli with Smoked Ricotta, the Frico & Polenta and finally the Amaretto for dessert. The portions are all fairly small, similar to tapas so you could mix and match. I hadn’t had this much carbs in months but everything sounded too tempting not to try. Since the place literally just opened it wouldn’t be fair for me to review the food but I did pass Marco and feedback I had. I will say this though, everything was light and the presentation was fantastic. It isn’t a fancy Italian restaurant, it’s a casual homey place with freshly prepared homestyle Italian food. We don’t have anything like it here.

Vigonovo is located in Salmiya where Gia is located in Al Khaled Complex. They’re right next door to Lorenzo in the shop called “Rose Gathering” since the restaurant is actually called “Vigonovo by Rose Gathering”. Vigonovo is currently open daily from 5PM onwards except on Fridays when they close. Definitely worth checking out. Here is their location on [Google Maps] and their instagram account is @vigonovo_kw

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  1. Sent Marco this post. He’s a bit in shock, he didn’t know you’re the man behind 248am.

  2. zaydoun says:

    Fantastic! We have great pizza joints in Kuwait but the few so-called Italian restaurants only serve the standard fare you find in tourist traps around Italy (penne arrabiata, spaghetti bolognese etc)

    We either have Riccardo or Signor Sassi which are too stuffy and boring, or crimes against Italian cuisine like (ugh!) Johnny Carino or Olive Garden. And then there’s Melenzane.. which I just don’t understand

  3. zaydoun says:

    Why is their Instagram account private???

  4. Xtina says:

    yummy in my empty tummy :( .. stranded in the free zone dying cause there are literally no restaurants here.

  5. Moe says:

    After living in italy for over 14 years, I can confidently say that Marco’s food is authentic Italian. Finally some real Italian in town! Thanks Chef! Complimenti ….

    • Marco says:

      Guys Thanks a lot for this amazing comment!! It’s so beautiful be surrounded from people like you appreciating not just my dishes but also my coulture and my personality! I wish I will have the privilege to serve you more & more & more. Because this is exactly what I love! Transmit you my passion bringing to your table the essence of my coulture!
      Grazie Raga!

  6. Yazi says:

    Went by today and couldn’t find it. Unless it’s the place with scaffolding on.

  7. Mark says:

    it’s the place to the right of the scaffolding but as i mentioned in the pos they’re closed on fridays

  8. Armando Cimolai says:

    Caro Marco
    abbiamo ricevuto i tuoi saluti dal ns. Ing. Bottecchia. Siamo tanto, tanto , tanto felici di avere avuto i tuoi saluti, che ricambiamo con gioia, e la bellissima notizia del tuo lavoro, della tua passione e del tuo sogno realizzato. Ti abbiamo sempre detto che sei un ragazzo che avrà successo.Ti auguriamo sempre tante soddisfazioni dal tuo lavoro che sai fare bene. Bravo . Le nostre congratulazioni più sincere ed affettuose. Albina e Armando Cimolai

  9. Andrea says:

    Literally the best Italian restaurant I ever went outside of Italy! The food is amazing and the great atmosphere is giving you the feeling to eat at home with your friends. 👍👍

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