Guy Apologizes with a Billboard

Yesterday a cute billboard popped up with an apology printed on it and the initial F and H. The billboard translates to the following:

I’m really sorry,
I hope you can forgive me…


Not sure what the guy did but looks like he must have messed up badly and she’s probably blocked his number so he had to get the message to her another way.

The billboard was later taken down after an MP complained about it for being inappropriate.

Update: According to Shrimpy it was a teaser for an upcoming new item. That makes the whole situation with politicians getting upset with the billboard hilarious and sad at the same time.

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This was an advertisement campaign by Shrimpy, which they posted about on their Instagram after it was taken down. I wish MPs were quick to act on actual problems in the country, not some silly billboard they don’t like.

Let’s assume it wasn’t an advertisement…
Is issuing an apology on public commercial billboards appropriate? Or publicizing any intimate/private message in that matter?

Regardless of whom the sender and receiver are, even if it’s an apology to his mom or whatever, it’s not appropriate

What’s intimate about an apology? How does an apology go against your values? If someone wants to apologize to his mum on a billboard you have an issue with it but when a fast food restaurant wants to sell junk food to your kids you’re ok with that?

@Mark, the problem is you’re applying logic. It doesn’t work that way here.
McDonalds put up big billboards of their succulent burger meals during the month Ramadan and that’s acceptable, but you might be in trouble for drinking water in public ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Nothing succulent about McDonalds burgers fellow human. Ive seen the robots that poop them out. Try Wachamean, BBT or 5 Guys. Atleast it has real meat

Why are you gaslighting?
This isn’t about hating apologies or the morality of an apology vs unhealthy junk food.

It’s a commercial space not a social broadcasting space (or whatever)
The reason shrimpy got away with it is probably because the billboard company knew it was an ad too

You’re accusing me of gas lighting? did you even bother to read his comment?

But as you said, this is a commercial space which means anyone can rent it out. So if I want to rent it to put a happy birthday message, or ask you to vote for me to be mayor of Salmiya I can. That’s how billboards work FYI.

In what way was my original comment gaslighting?

You do what u want, I’m just saying it’s inappropriate. Not sure why that triggered u

What law is actually being broken here tho?

Let’s say someone was actually apologising on a billboard, maybe it’s in bad taste but last I checked bad taste wasn’t actually a crime.

Is the law whatever an MP tweets about on a given day?

I’m frustrated and fed up with these random ass bans being decreed by MPs on the court of twitter. This isn’t law, THIS is gaslighting.

Did I say it’s illegal @effingfrustrated

“Let’s say someone was actually apologising on a billboard, maybe it’s in bad taste but last I checked bad taste wasn’t actually a crime.”

Exactly, thats what my original comment was

Why assume? In this real life case, the ad was not targeted to one person. A lincese was issued by the municipality to affirm the same.

If the ad was targeted to one person, the the municipality wouldn’t grant the license in the first place.

If I’m not wrong, this was a meme a while ago of a leaked voice note of a guy apologizing to his girlfriend. This is not the first time Shrimpy uses local memes in their marketing campaigns.

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