Toyota Airways

Post by Mark


I was actually going to poke fun out of this image which has gone viral with a “Only Kuwait Airways” title but figured I’d do a bit of research first. Turns out it’s actually not that uncommon for pilots to use car shades in the cockpit, some even use newspapers or maps. It’s still awkward that it says Toyota, but it’s still better than a Winnie the Pooh sunshade.

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How Brands Can Advertise in Pokémon Go

Post by Mark


If fashionistas can make money then it’s only fair Pokémon players should be able to make money in Kuwait as well. So this is how I think Pokémon players in Kuwait can generate income in three easy steps.

1) Get a powerful Pokémon
2) Takeover a popular gym location with high traffic like Avenues or something
3) Offer to brand the Pokémon exchange for a fee

Sadly I’m only half joking here.

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Swar Shuaib

Post by Mark

I don’t watch a lot of Arabic shows but I can’t get enough of the show Swar Shuaib. Shuaib has to be the funniest Arab talk show host anywhere, he’s so good I actually subscribed to his YouTube channel so I don’t miss an episode. His last few episodes had me glued to the screen thinking no way, no way he just asked them that question. Although Shuaib plays the role of a Conan or a Jimmy Fallon, unlike them he does ask all the right questions, ones that most of the time viewers are thinking about. I’m actually surprised any guests actually end up on the show since he does put them in some tough spots.


The first episode I ever watched was when he interviewed the flamboyant Mohammed Diego from the YouTube channel Fashion House of Diego. Shuaib didn’t play around, he asked him about his wardrobe choices, the way he poses and basically questioning his sexual orientation. In Shuaib’s latest episode he interviews the popular instagram fashionista Fatima Almomen (video on top, starts at the 9:50 mark). The first thing he does during the interview is pull out a scale from under his desk and asks her to weigh herself. If that wasn’t awkward enough he then later starts asking her if she had any plastic surgery done. When she denies she has he pulls out old photos of her to compare. When she continues denying she had anything done, he then invited a plastic surgeon to come on stage and examine her. I was dying, it was such a good episode. Surprisingly, even though there were a ton of awkward moments and questions, both Diego and Fatima handle themselves really well which I thought was pretty cool of them.

Swar Shuaib is in Arabic only and if you’re interested in watching more episodes then check out the YouTube channel [Here]

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Thanks for Beer (only the non-alcoholic ones)

Post by Mark


Not as funny as the “This man likes cock” blooper, but still funny.

Thanks Ahmed

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Space Travel & Tourism

Post by Mark


Looking for somewhere different to travel to during Eid?

Thanks Pat

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It’s not the tastiest

Post by Mark


Maybe a bit too honest…

via @qatami

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Most Complicated Website Address Ever

Post by Mark


The website doesn’t work, I can’t figure out if the website doesn’t exist anymore (it’s an old campaign) or if I spelled it wrong.

Thanks Forzaq8

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Say Cheese

Post by Mark


I was walking to any ATM machine down the street from my place in Salmiya when I noticed an army of at least 20-30 cleaners busy cleaning the street. I was thinking to myself damn thats impressive, they’re finally giving a damn about Salmiya. So I head over to the ATM and on my way back I notice the scene above. Turns out the only reason all these workers were in my neighborhood cleaning was because of a PR maneuver. Useless!

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This isn’t real

Post by Mark


The picture above has been circulating on whatsapp with people thinking it’s real. It’s funny, but obviously its not real. Why? Because the messages on these signs usually read like they were created using google translate, this one uses proper English. Secondly there would at the very least be a grammatical mistake or something misspelled while this sign doesn’t have any faults.

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Being Misunderstood

Post by Mark


Over the weekend I had the strangest encounter with someone on Facebook. A girl who I’ll just call “F” added me as a friend and I accepted thinking I knew her because we had a lot of friends in common. But, after flipping through her photos I realized we had never met so I unfriended her. She didn’t take that very well and sadly, this isn’t the first time where my none offensive or aggressive actions were misunderstood. I don’t know what it is about me but it’s really weird how I tend to piss people off pretty frequently without even trying, check out the conversation below:

(Warning: May contain drama)

F: I recall adding you. and i recall an accept but thank you for the unfriendship

Mark: hey, just saw this message, sorry i accepted your friend request thinking we had met before but when i realized we hadn’t i unfriended.

F: sure no worries. my intention was to get to meet everyone in Kuwait so far everyone i added on fb from kuwait i had met
sure good luck !

Mark: i hope you didn’t take it personally, its just with my facebook account i only add or accept people i’ve met in person before.

F: no i don’t take it personally i dont even know you ;)


***** Next day a friend sent me the message above so I messaged her back *****

Mark: ummm why are you asking my friends about me?

F: because i dont trust ur answer and i thought it is weird and odd

Mark: ?

Mark: Which answer

F: and ur enttiled to do what ever u want just i like i am

F: i use facebook differently and now i m sure 100% u have a problem with me
so i got my answer it is not because you do not know me

Mark: Lady I have no clue who you are, Don’t take it personally

F: what bothers me is how people are easily lie to one another without confronting the truth
it is not taking it personally too to ask about it
i cant trust you

Mark: I think you’re mistaking me for someone else
We’ve never met

F: oka i think you r are violating my personal space ..
maybe ur right. i think your someone else.

Mark: Listen not sure what your problem is but I just thought it was weird you were asking people about me.

F: not asking them im questioning your credibility
and your honesty
and what i got is that your weird.

Mark: What does my credibility and honesty have to do with me unfriending u cuz I don’t know u?

F: because i have 5000 friends and i always use facebook to get know people .. i use it for many reasons .. and i found your justtification totally odd

Mark: Wtf

F: okay i have to go back to work..
take care..

F: you know whats funny ? is that i added like 41 people who are friends with ****** because im back home to kuwait and i didnt know anyone .. and thought of making a film about their work and get to to know their life and discover the new kuwait i have been absent from.. so i thought you are one of those open minded people who are trying to create a good mood here and social life.. with your blog.. but again.. your atittude is strange to me and i never saw it from anyone of the 41 pees i added so hence the shock..

F: now it is not your fault it is my fault for thinking you are like me.. open to socializing and new friendships. please refrain from talking to me and sorry about bothering you :)
have a wonderful night.

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