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Q8 Comedy Club

Last week while visiting AAB World in Symphony Mall, I passed by a place called the Q8 Comedy Club. I hadn’t noticed it before so I quickly checked Instagram to see if I could find out more about it and I ended up at their Instagram account. Turns out they were holding comedy shows at this location and the next one was scheduled for December 6th so I booked two tickets so I could check it out.

I ended up going last night and I left pretty impressed. The show was a combination of improv and standup, with the majority of it being improv. The host was Ahmad Alshammari from Shenoya3ni and was extremely funny, but so were the rest of the comedians, everyone was pretty great especially when you consider that fact we don’t even have a comedy scene in Kuwait.

The show started 7:30PM and finished around 9PM. The place was packed and although the audience weren’t the participating type, the comedians still managed to work with what they had and do really well. My Arabic isn’t that great and I was cracking up with my friend through the whole thing. Strangely, the tickets were free, probably because they’re trying to promote the comedy club and get people to come to a show which is a new idea here.

Checking their instagram account they haven’t announced their next show yet so if you want to go to the next one, follow them on Instagram to find out about it once it’s announced. @q8comedy1

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Thats great to see & hear. In a society that doesn’t smile much a comedy club is needed. I used to frequent comedy clubs all over the US they were a lot of fun. I encourage all to go & support.

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