30 10, 2018

Miniature Golf in Kuwait

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Golfania is an indoor miniature golf park that’s located in the basement of Discovery Center. They’ve been around for a few years now, but I only tried them out for the first time last night. It’s not a large park but it does offer a bit of fun if you’re in a group or on a date. There are 12 holes in total and depending on how large a group you are, you could zip through them pretty quick. But even if you do end up flying through the course, once you’re done you could head next door to Cosmo for bowling or maybe a game of pool so your trip to Discovery Center would still be worthwhile.

The cost for one round of golf that includes all 12 holes is KD3 per person. It looks a bit lame but we were a group of 4 last night and had a pretty fun time. Here is the location of Discovery Center on [Google Maps]

26 08, 2018

The Kuwait Harps Gaelic Football Team (2018/2019 Season)

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The Kuwait Harps are starting a new season of Gaelic Football and are looking for new faces to join the club. Gaelic Football is a form of football derived from the Irish ball games. There are some major differences between regular football and Gaelic football like the fact Gaelic football is played with 15 players per team and you can also hold the ball with your hands.

The Kuwait Harps compete primarily in tournaments based in the Gulf region and new players are always welcome and immediately feel at home within the club. The majority of the current squad were actually new to Gaelic Games when they first arrived in Kuwait. While many clubs in the Gulf region can depend on a strong pool of Irish players, this is not the case in Kuwait. While a core of the club may be Irish, it relies heavily on the support of players from the international expat community. Kuwait Harps Players have come from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, USA, Australia and even Sudan to name but a few countries.

If you’re interested in joining the club, they’re holding taster days. Taster days are just for people to come along and see if they like the sport and want to join. It’s aimed at all abilities (both fitness and Gaelic wise) so anyone can come along and there is no reason to sign up. All you need to do is come out in your normal workout gear and bring some sunscreen, water and maybe a hat or sunglasses.

When: August 31st, 10AM to 12PM and September 5th, 5PM to 7PM
Where: GUST Univsersity [Map]

For more information email kuwaitharpsgaa@gmail.com or visit their [Facebook Page] or on instagram @kuwait_harps_gaa

17 07, 2018

Summer Activity: Wakeboarding

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Things usually slow down considerably during the summer months because of the heat but there are still things you can do and one of them is wakeboarding.

Q8 Balance is a wakeboarding school that charge by the hour. They provide you with all the gear you need to wakeboard and they use one of the best wakeboarding boats available. All the wakeboarding is done inside the lagoons in Khiran which is great especially for beginners since you don’t have waves to deal with. Q8balance charge KD35 per hour which is pricey, but what I usually do is go with a friend or two and split the cost since it’s too exhausting to wakeboard the full hour alone plus, not as fun.

I book my sessions over WhatsApp a week ahead of time since they’re usually super busy. So if you’re interested in wakeboarding, they’re on instagram @q8balance and their WhatsApp number is 66130092.

6 06, 2018

Air Guns Shooting Range

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A few days ago I was dropping some stuff at my frame guy to get framed when I spotted an interesting looking store down the street from him. Turns out it was an air guns store that also sold some outdoor gear. So I decided to drop by and check it out when I realized the store had a small shooting range in the back that was open to the public. Air guns is another name for pellet guns and they are guns that use compressed air to fire out little metal pellets. Pellet guns don’t have the same restrictions and costs involved as real guns and so, this shooting range is also far cheaper than the Mayadeen shooting range.

The shooting range at this store is priced by the half hour. 30 minutes of shooting a pellet rifle will cost you KD7.5 while an hour is KD15. The cost includes the rifle and an unlimited amount of ammo. In comparison, firing a real ammo rifle at Mayadeen costs KD8 for just 10 bullets. I did half an hour with a friend and it was pretty fun and therapeutic. We both found it therapeutic because you spend a lot of time focusing on the target and so you zone out of everything else.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do, you should try this out. It’s not as intimidating as firing a real weapon and it’s also not as loud so it’s very accessible to everyone. The place is located in Shuwaikh and is called Gannas Al-Rheeb [Google Maps]. During Ramadan they’re open from 12PM to 5PM and then from 8PM to 12AM. During regular days they’re open from 11AM to 9PM. You can find them on instagram @airguns.q8

29 05, 2018

Inflatable Water Park

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There is a new inflatable water park on the Gulf Road next to the Swimming Pool Complex and Corniche Club. You might have spotted it when driving by since the setup is pretty big and uses brightly colored yellow and green inflatables. They’re open from 10AM to 6PM on weekdays and 8AM to 6PM on weekends (not sure about their Ramadan timing). They’re charging KD2 for an hour of fun or KD5 for a full day. There is a lifeguard, but if the children are under 8 then they require an adult with them. If this looks like something you’d be interested in, here is their location on [Google Maps]

Thanks Fahad

20 02, 2018

Pottery at Dew’s Studio

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Dew’s Studio is a pottery studio that’s located in Salmiya, right off Salem Al Mubarak Street. It’s a beautiful space with hardwood floors and lots of daylight coming in through its large frameless windows. The studio has been open now for around seven months and I’ve been meaning to go there for some time now but just never had the chance to until earlier this morning. Not sure why I didn’t pass by before since the studio is pretty much walking distance from my apartment.

I’ve never done pottery before but I was curious to try it so I booked a walk-in session for me and a friend who actually has a degree in ceramics. In hindsight, I should have gone with someone with zero pottery experience so I wouldn’t look so bad. Wheel throwing was not easy, but it was a lot of fun.

The studio is divided into two areas, the first is for walk-ins and regular members and has seven pottery wheels. The second area of the studio is for professionals, it has a few more pottery wheels as well as two kilns (ovens) to fire the pottery in.

Walk-in sessions cost KD20 per person and are two-hours long. In the session, you’ll learn basic wheel throwing technics and get to play with two different clays. This is a good way to try out pottery and have fun with friends, but if you’re serious about getting into it then they offer two courses:

Discover Clay – KD130
– 12 sessions
– Twice a week
– 2 hours a session
– Terracotta clay only
– 2 fired pieces

Explore Clay – KD180
– 12 sessions
– Twice a week
– 2 hours a session
– All clay access
– 8 fired pieces
– 4 walk-in sessions

I had a lot of fun with the walk-in class and I’m going back again next week with more friends. You can actually book the whole space for a private function if you want. If you’re interested in pottery or want to book a walk-in session, you can Whatsapp the owner Nada on 99925028.

Here is their location on [Google Maps] and you can follow them on instagram @dewdrop79

18 02, 2018

Rowing with Kuwait Pilot Gig Club

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out at sea

If you’re looking for a new fun activity, then you should consider rowing with the Kuwait Pilot Gig Club. Back in April of last year, I posted about them, but it was towards the end of their season and I wasn’t able to try them out. Then a friend reminded me about them a couple of weeks ago so we both signed up for a trial session which turned out to be a lot of fun.

the oars

The meeting point for the trial session was the Nino’s parking lot on the Gulf Road at 4PM, I had gym nearby till 3:40PM and then headed to Nino’s once I was done. I had leg day at the gym which turned out to be the worst thing to do before rowing since I later found out that 90% of rowing involves using legs. My legs were sore for days after!

The trial session is for people who have an interest to row, but have never rowed before and are curious to try it. Each rowboat can take up to 6 people, we were 5, just me, my friend, the coxswain (captain) and two experienced rowers. We started the session off on land with information on the boat and the oars. Once in the water, we were then taught the basics of rowing and how to row as a team. I loved being out at sea and I hadn’t done that in forever because I get seasick so easily. But, I had taken some amazing motion sickness pills (Betaserc) and really didn’t feel sick at all. Rowing wasn’t very difficult, but it obviously will take a number of outings before getting comfortable with the techniques and motions. You do have to be fit and have some strength but other than that, they’ll teach you everything you need to know.


If you’re interested in rowing this is what you need to do. Firstly you have to contact them on 99031123 or gigrowingkuwait@gmail.com and arrange for a trial session. If like me you enjoyed the experience and want to take part in this activity, then here are the prices:

Intro Course
Involves 6 rowing sessions + 1 social row. The cost is KD75 and the course needs to be completed within two months.

Monthly Membership Packages
You need to have completed the intro course and then it’s:

– 4 Rows KD 30/- monthly
– 8 Rows KD 55/- monthly
– Unlimited Rows KD 75/- monthly

Make sure you also check out their instagram account for more pictures and videos @kwt_pilot_gig

8 01, 2018

Archery Classes at Palms

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I’ve posted about archery classes in Kuwait a couple of times already, but they seem to be moving the classes to different spots. Right now they’ve started offering the archery classes at the Palm Beach Resort every Friday and Saturday. The classes are for both kids and adults, so if you’re interested in taking up a new activity, you can whatsapp them on +96566013056 for more details.