Rock climbing in Kuwait

Who said you can’t rock climb in Kuwait? [YouTube]

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Wow didnt expect him to end up here! this guy is a close friend of mine who loves climbing. he’s not always in kuwait since he studies abroad but he has been trying to promote it…….he even made a facebook group dedicated to anyone who enjoys climbing in kuwait:

check it out if your interested.

the north west desert there’s a lot we don’t see there aren’t roads there it’s dangerous to go you can get lost, that’s where all the wildlife is. mutla’a is not the highest points in kuwait, the highest is 310 or something metres, not much but mutla’a is about 100-200 something like that. that little ‘mountain’? is in the north west

don’t think many people go to wadi al ba6in a lot either, it’s a very nice place to visit at this time of year especially since there was a lot of rain so the wadi is full now

As zbul said, I’m the guy who made that video and very surprised and thankful that it is on this page
For anyone interested, like the facebook page

I have found other locations in kuwait where climbing is possible and hopefully next time im back, if the weather is good, i will do a trip which will include climbing bigger rocks with ropes 🙂

Ali (KC)

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