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Skydiving in Kuwait

Kuwait Skydive is the first skydiving center to open up in Kuwait. They’ve only just opened and they’re offering tandem jumps out of a plane with an instructor, as well skydiving lessons.

The cost of a tandem jump with Kuwait Skydive is KD160. That’s KD5 cheaper than the cost to skydive in Dubai which was where everyone was going previously.

Kuwait Skydive also offers an AFF course for KD1,000. The course includes 8 jumps and takes around 7-10 days to complete. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll receive your own jump log book and you’ll be able to start jumping out of the plane by yourself.

Their jump location is in Khiran and they’re open daily except for Sundays. Currently, they’re only accepting booking via phone since their website is under construction. So if you’re interested you can call them up on 65566226. For more information you can also visit them on instagram @kuwaitskydive or

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RIP Min of Commerce Under Secretary Khaled Al-Shemali… he once told me personally how he had to fight an internal committee at the ministry that was against licensing this enterprise even after Civil Aviation Authority had approved it.

Wishing them great success!!

Khaled for those who aren’t aware was my lawyer during the Benihana debacle. I sadly only found out a couple of weeks back that he passed away before the summer. Really sad.

Civil Aviation Authority is probably more concerned about allocating safe zones for the dives. Commerce more interested in supporting businesses. The business owners will simply make the customer sign a waiver before the dive.

The question is…
Who is going to license this business and oversee the necessary routine inspections to ensure that standards and safety measures are implemented?!

Don’t compare us with other neighboring countries. If an incident happens there, they’ll simply deport everyone they can deport and make the rest disappear. Here in Kuwait if something happens people will talk and will take action… sometimes over react and over exaggerate in doing so.

Skydive in Kuwait? Never! Who in their right mind would throw him/herself off a plane when it is being organized in Kuwait?! I for one have seen way to many security/safety breaches or total lack of it in this country, to even dream about doing something like this here.

Totally agree with you there! I would not Skydive here due to Safety hazard. I wonder who decided this would be a great idea to do it here.

My friend died there on Monday. They let him jump without a trainer and no one else around him. He had 2 parachutes. None opened. They gave his parents a bag of his bloody bones to burry. Skydive kuwait just ignored what happened and work continued as normal the next morning. Bastards.

I personally have jumped there this year. I took AFF in Dubai and many of the staff here in Kuwait have been sky diving for years in Dubai. The instructors are highly proficient professionals from Italy and they take good care to no overwork their plane. They are even more conservative than Dubai when it comes to taking off during windy conditions and their equipment is well maintained and of good quality. Saves me a bunch of money jumping here in Kuwait as opposed to flying to Dubai every weekend. I recommend the place to anyone interested. Like anything, it ain’t for everyone.

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