Want a Vintage Typewriter?

Post by Mark

I recently found out about an instagram account in Kuwait that sells cool looking vintage typewriters. The majority are in Arabic but they do get English ones every now and then as well. Vintage typewriters can make a great gift, especially to a writer. For example I once bought a friend of mine who used to write poems a vintage typewriter, the same one Leonard Cohen used to type up his first poetry book (pictured above). They loved it and it was fully functional so they were able to use it right away. So if you’re looking to get one for yourself or as a gift, check out the instagram account @8.6s

Thanks barwaleathercraft

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  1. Rickstove Stunic says:

    People actually used these till the early 2000s or maybe a little later too.

  2. Musaed says:

    Check out this cool typewriter


  3. Sh says:

    They didn’t reply. Anyone knows any other accounts where can i buy arabic typewriter?

  4. QL says:

    Thank you for the awesome post, mark.

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