16 04, 2019

Are we on the verge of hosting the World Cup?

2019-04-16T18:35:44+03:00Apr 16, 2019|93 Comments

If you haven’t been following the news recently, I’ll quickly summarize what’s been going on in regards to the World Cup. Qatar is meant to host the World Cup in 2022 and FIFA is considering expanding the tournament from 32 teams to 48. For that to happen, FIFA calculated it could be done if at least one additional Gulf country was used to co-host the World Cup with Qatar. Since Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have severed ties with Qatar, the only two countries left are Oman and Kuwait. Oman already said they aren’t capable of hosting the World Cup so FIFA is urging Kuwait to become a co-host.

Countries spend millions on campaigns to try and win the right to host the World Cup, it’s HUGE. And yet because of a bunch of unusual circumstances, Kuwait is now in the position where they are basically being begged by FIFA to accept the role of co-hosting. That’s just crazy.

I don’t know why people aren’t more excited about this, Kuwait could potentially be hosting the World Cup here in 3 years! And the best part is, the whole thing just fell into our laps without us even getting off the couch!

I was asking a few friends why Kuwait is playing so hard to get, I mean you’d think we’d be all over this massive opportunity. One theory is we don’t want to embarrass ourselves because we aren’t capable to host the event. I don’t think that’s really an issue because I’m sure we can throw money at this problem by hiring the right people to help us out and by fixing whatever needs to be fixed so we look good on TV. Another theory to why we’re hesitant is that there would have to be some major changes that would have to happen very quickly with the two biggest changes being to the visa system and the legalization of alcohol. This I can understand but it’s also one of the reasons I want the World Cup to happen, I want to see how much positive change it will bring to Kuwait.

Whatever happens, we host or not, I feel we really need to appreciate this position we’re in right now where we actually have a pretty large chance of getting the World Cup. This is a moment that will most likely never come again.

16 04, 2019

Kuwaiti Race Car Driver Wins at Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup

2019-04-16T09:29:45+03:00Apr 16, 2019|2 Comments

Kuwaiti racecar driver Zaid Ashkanani was on the winning team at the season opener for the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup a few days ago. This was not only Zaid’s first debut with the Dinamic Motorsport team, but the team themselves were also making their first debut at the Blancpain GT.

Dinamic drivers Klaus Bachler, Zaid Ashkanani and Andrea Rizzoli (all pictured below) started 23rd on the grid but managed to end up winning by a 14-second margin in a second-generation Porsche 911 GT3-R. They gave the Porsche brand their first Endurance Cup victory since 2012.

This was the first race of the season so there is still a long way to go but nevertheless, it was an incredible debut. You can stay up to date on Zaid’s activities by following him on Instagram @zaidashkanani

14 04, 2019

Gulf Coast Skate Shop

2019-04-14T09:25:56+03:00Apr 14, 2019|3 Comments

Here is a small business that isn’t a coffee shop.. a skate shop. Gulf Coast Skate Shop is a local business that is trying to support skateboarders in Kuwait. They don’t have a physical store, just an Instagram account which is fine. The only thing annoying though is they don’t have prices listed, so when you find something you like, you need to DM them for a quote which is a hassle.

If you’re a skateboarder and need boards, trucks, grip tape, wheels, etc.. then check them out @gulfcoastskate

6 01, 2019

Kuwait Will Not Co-Host the World Cup

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Sheikh Ahmed al-Yousef, head of Kuwait’s Football Association, said that Kuwait cannot facilitate the conditions of participating in hosting some of the World Cup matches.

Yousef told Kuwait’s al-Rai newspaper that it is hard to accommodate FIFA’s main conditions in Kuwait, the biggest of which is allowing all nationalities to enter the country with a visa upon arrival, including Israel.

He added: “Even if we selectively picked the teams playing in Kuwait, we cannot prevent the audience from attending. There are also alcohol brands that are sponsoring the event and would like to sell and promote its products during the games, and that is forbidden and criminalized in Kuwait, so how would we solve this problem?” [Source]

I didn’t even know Kuwait was even in the consideration to co-host the World Cup. This is such a huge missed opportunity, one which I don’t think we’ll have again. Qatar spent a lot of money getting the World Cup to come to the region so we basically would have gotten a free ride. The amount of publicity and visitors we would have gotten by hosting the World Cup, and all the improvements the government would have made to the local infrastructure, it’s so sad all this isn’t going to happen now.

21 10, 2018

NFL Viewing Events in Kuwait

2018-10-21T10:30:27+03:00Oct 21, 2018|4 Comments

I’m not into the NFL but if you are then you’ll be interested to know that there is a pretty big NFL community in Kuwait. Since the weather has gotten better, they’ll be holding their first NFL viewing event of the season tonight in Salmiya. The viewings are outdoors and the games are projected on a large screen and there’s always food and lots of seating. So if you’re interested, you can get more details [Here]

8 10, 2018

Where to Service your Bicycle

2018-10-08T10:13:33+03:00Oct 8, 2018|12 Comments

Since the weather is getting cooler I decided to get my bike serviced in preparation for riding season. After having the bicycle parked during the long hot summer months, all the cables tend to loosen up, the gearing lubrication dries up, and all the air leaks out of the tires and shocks.

Luckily, I live walking distance from an Extreme Sports shop, so whenever I see the weather cooling down, I just walk my bike over to them to get it serviced. They’re my favorite place to service my bike mostly because they know their bikes, the guys who work there are super nice, plus they carry good brands in case I need to upgrade a part or purchase a new accessory. Once I get my bike back from them it tends to look and feel brand new.

So if your bike is lying around gathering dust and you want to get it ready for riding season, I’d recommend you take it to Extreme Sports. Their Salmiya location [Google Maps] tend to have the bike serviced and ready in under 24 hours and the cost is KD15. Here is a link to their instagram @extremesportskw

29 08, 2018

Jade Yoga Mats in Kuwait

2018-08-29T09:22:36+03:00Aug 29, 2018|6 Comments

This is just a quick update on an older post. If you’re looking for a yoga mat, Alive Yoga now carry Jade yoga mats. I’m not sure how long they’ve been selling them for but previously they used to only carry the Manduka brand which I wasn’t a fan of. Alive are selling the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat for KD27, which is very similar to the price on Amazon.

Jade yoga mats are some of the most popular ones on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

27 08, 2018

Zaid Ashkanani Placed 2nd in Porsche Supercup

2018-08-27T13:10:19+03:00Aug 27, 2018|1 Comment

Yesterday, Kuwaiti race car driver Zaid Ashkanani scored a second-place victory at the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2018. The race took place on the Belgian GP Spa track, the same track the Formula 1 race took place on yesterday. Zaid is now 6th place in the overall rankings.

I couldn’t find any articles online with more details on the race but you could watch the start of the race above (he’s in the grey and white Porsche starting in 4th place) and make sure you check out his instagram @zaidashkanani