Haydoo – Our Camel, Lovely Camel

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Here is some interesting information regarding the Kuwait national squad. It was written by ilbaasha and edited by me.

Why is the Kuwait national team called Al-Azraq?
Al-Azraq refers to the period of time at the start of February when it becomes extremely cold after few days of warmth and people start to wear winter clothes again. This is the last chance of getting rain in Kuwait and it indicates the start of the end for the winter season.


The national team mascot is Haydoo the camel; the word is used as a “sit down” order to camels according to the Kuwaiti accent dictionary.

Why and how was Haydoo used as the mascot?
Back in October 1981 Kuwait was playing a world cup qualifying match in Oakland, New Zealand where the Kiwi fans had signs reading “Go Back to your Camels!” which they were waving as the Kuwaiti team came onto the field. Kuwait won that match 2 goals to 1.

When it was the home game later that year, 100 camels were brought on the pitch before the match to show that Kuwait was proud of its past.

Kuwait ended up qualifying to the 1982 world Cup in Spain and was the first Arab country from Asia to ever qualify. A Spanish newspaper later claimed that the Kuwait national team will be late to the World Cup because they would be “traveling on the backs of their camels!”. So, the Kuwaiti Football Association decided to use a camel (named Haydoo) as their mascot.

Unlike the newspaper had predicted, the Kuwaiti team ended up arriving early. Too early actually and no one, not the journalists or the locals knew that the Kuwaiti team was even in Spain! To attract attention, the head of the Kuwaiti Football Association told a French journalist who there to cover the arrival of the French team that “The Kuwaiti team would withdraw from the competition unless they were allowed to bring their mascot.” Within hours the hotel was packed with journalists wanting to find out more about the mascot

The Spanish authorities and the hotel manager finally allowed the Kuwaiti team to bring their camel as long as it was left in the backyard of the hotel. The head of the Kuwaiti Football Association then called the minister of sport in Morroco to send a camel as soon as possible to Spain. He also ordered a T-shirt to be made for the camel. This hype and the Camel mascot helped make Kuwait’s presence extremely felt by the locals and journalists.

Haydoo, has been the mascot for the Kuwaiti national team ever since.

You can listen to the Haydoo song (its Arabic with some English). The file is in Real Audio format. [ Download Song]

Update: Here is the video

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  1. Laziale says:

    They made us proud

  2. Armani_Exchange says:

    That period won’t happen again with the #$% mentality that rules the Kuwaiti football federation!

  3. Marzouq says:

    Now thats fantastic! The was great PR work on their part, and back in the day they played hard but now its just sad! I wish our team was playing as good as them, and we need them to be as good as before!

  4. Mark says:

    Kuwait was cooler in the 80s.

  5. bag says:

    Now Kuwaiti Football Association should use “Camel Toe” as their mascot .You can enjoy listening to the camel toe song too.

  6. Musaed says:

    what a golden days

  7. KtheKuwaiti says:

    I have that record on vinyl!

  8. moayad says:

    Those were the days :)

  9. holla says:

    it was even cooler in the 70’s when alcohol was everywhere :D

    actually kuwait was ok up until the invasion. then it just all went to hell in a handbasket

  10. holla says:

    oure camill, sixxy camell

  11. DesertExpat says:

    Nice – but I think you meant “Aukland, New Zealand”

    “Oakland” is near LA, California

  12. do0da says:

    I love that song =]

    Rumor has it that Camel helped fertilize the pitch that world cup =P I also heard we gave him to a Spanish Zoo after the world cup.

  13. zoomzoom says:

    i agree with holla, kuwait before invasion is very open minded

    kuwaiti work every where , lega alchol, girls without hijab and no islamic people

  14. Kisha says:

    7arakaat walla liq8

    7asballi Kanaw gam ee8alddon il wa6anii :p
    6il3 ina 3indna history;)

  15. anon says:

    Yes, i agree.Right after the islamic revelution in iran effected the whole region indirectly.. then, all of a sudden, hijabs started to pop up every where in kuwait.
    Soon we will open up again and will be the pearl of the mid east again. wow, i’ll visit a pub after a hard days work in a few years, im sick of paying KD60 a bottle.
    It really pisses me off seeing where our beloved contry is heading. I cringe with discust every time i see long beards and short dishdashas.
    I think the rulers are giving them too much face.

  16. TweeZ says:

    I agree with Holla. Fuck the situation we are in today! Back in the day, people would rally up or unite for beneficial reasons. Today, we want our debts and loans written off!

  17. asmaa says:

    wow.. intresting.. never knew that
    thanks mark..
    golden days.. hmmm

  18. holla says:

    kuwait went to hell after the invasion not bc of the effects of it, but bc of the stupid cunt religious ppl that used it as an excuse to go back to the dark ages.

    they capitalised on ppl’s sorrow and those grieving ppl were also stupid and weak enough to just give up and be controlled. too bad it’s too late now, it’s only going to keep getting worse.

  19. vampire says:

    first time heard the story behind it
    thanks for sharing the info

  20. emo says:

    i love kuwait

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