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Kuwait Scorpions in the 1950’s

The Kuwait Scorpions rugby football club is one of the oldest clubs in the Gulf. They were formed back in the 1940s when the Kuwait Oil Company and the British Army played the region’s first ever recorded rugby fixture and they’re still around today and still very active. The pictures below are of the Kuwait Scorpions dating back to the 1950’s.

Here is the link to the clubs website [Link]
Here is a link to the the pictures in high resolution [Link]

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Its a historical distinction between the two football codes – rugby football (rugby) and association football (football/soccer) – not commonly used these days, but more usual when the club was established in the 1940s

Rugby is a derivative of football. It started at Rugby School in England, when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball during a game of football and ran with it. Hence Rugby Football.

I think the dates are late 1949-1952ish. my father joined KOC in April 1949 so the season would have been over by then. I see him in a couple of the photos. the trees are not grown up and there were further nissen huts added, with pitches for hockey and football, and cricket in the distance. The Ahmadi governate building has not been built – neither had the Indo Pakistan club nor the buildings beyond it, so these are very early photos. Very little of Ahmadi has been built, not even the ice plant, which supplied cold water for the air conditioning to each house an a piped system. This was close to the club house. the pitch was watered on Thursdays prior to the game. I think it was an attempt to minimise sand burns.

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