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Skydive this Weekend for 79KD

There isn’t much happening this long weekend, but if you’re in Kuwait and are looking for something new and fun to do, you could try skydiving.

Kuwait Skydive has been open since 2017 and I remember when they first launched they were charging 160KD for a tandem jump (that’s when you jump while attached to a professional skydiver). That price eventually dropped down to 99KD, and now it’s dropped even further. They currently have an end of year offer where you could skydive for just 79KD.

For comparison, I paid 80KD to skydive in Cape Town years ago, and in Dubai, it costs around 200KD to skydive right now. So 79KD is a great price, and if it’s something on your bucket list, this is a great chance to check it off.

The skydive center is located in Khiran and so the view while jumping is of the Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City. The whole experience takes less than 2 hours from start to finish. Once you arrive to the center you’ll first be asked to fill in some paperwork before getting a quick orientation and your jump harness ready. The plane ride up is around 15 mins long, and then once you jump, you free-fall for around a minute before the parachute opens. After that it’s a chill 5-7 minute ride back down.

The Kuwait Skydive center is open everyday this long weekend including January 1st. They’ll be open from 9AM till sunset and it’s highly recommended you pre-book your jump online before arrival. To book a jump, click here.

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There is a 100% discount if you go to mutla and dive off one of the cliffs, just that there is no sky or parachute involved.

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