Promoted: B.SOCIAL Customized Cakes & More

B.SOCIAL is a new bakery that just soft launched in time for New Years.

They’re a cake shop but not an ordinary one, you can customize cakes based on anything and everything that comes to your mind. They want to be your go-to place whenever you need a customized cake for a special occasion. You can customize your own cakes by contacting their number on their instagram account, and it will be delivered by January 1st onwards.

The name B.SOCIAL is inspired from the concept of cakes being the focal point in any social gathering. They will have 3 product categories to start with; Bento, celebration cakes and customized cakes. They also just released a special New Years cake they’ve created.

The cake is for chocolate lovers since it’s composed of 6 different layers of chocolate, and large enough for 6 to 8 people. If you’re looking for a special cake for this New Years, this could be the one.

For more info and to order the cake, check them out

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