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Dunes by Blajat Launching Next Month

Dunes is a new project by TEC located in Blajat and its going to be a beachside kashta experience.

There will be different kashta setups to pick from and they will include catering. The menu will be two kinds of cuisines catered by Meat Moot and L’ETO

You’ll be able to book a kashta through the TEC app either for the whole day, or just for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’ll also be open daily from 10AM to 11PM.

Dunes is expected to open in the coming two weeks, to stay posted follow them on @duneskwt

8 replies on “Dunes by Blajat Launching Next Month”

Cant wait to pay 900 kd for a Strawberry mojito as a result of market forces where demand for basic shit to do far exceeds the supply of basic shit to do here.

cant wait to sit in a glorified sand castle as an adult staring at my overdressed crew of outcasts because really, everybody has already lost their mind by this point heheh.

fade in *Nick Lachey – What’s left of me*

Fantastical magical but how they are going to manage keeping the creepy crawlies away ? 🧐

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