Ice Skating Rink Throwback Nights

Post by Mark


Dear Tourist Enterprises Company, could we please have 90s throwback nights once a month at the ice skating rink?

Back in the early 90s, the ice skating rink was one of the coolest places to hang out in Kuwait. There used to be an arcade over there filled with gaming machines, pool and air hockey tables as well as a small restaurant that served simple food like burgers and fries. The ice skating rink itself used to be packed with people and there was even a DJ that would be pumping out the latest hits. Walking into the ice skating rink felt like walking into a club with now classics like SNAP! – The Power or Soul II Soul – Back To Life blasting loudly over the speakers.

Having a 90s throwback night once a month would be a great way to bring people back to the ice skating rink, DJ Bonita even volunteered to take charge of the music, blasting us with all the great 90s hits. Imagine how much fun that would be? So TEC, lets set it up!

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Trampo Extreme in Murouj

Post by Mark


Last week I was going through my instagram explore page and found a video of a new indoor skate park, turns out it was part of “Trampo Extreme”, the new Trampo location in Murouj. So I got in touch with them and headed over to check the place out.

The new Trampo location is HUGE with a lot of different activities to try out. First you have the trampolines area which takes up around 1/3 of the whole space. There are different kinds of trampolines to choose from including a dodge ball trampoline court for competitive action against friends. Right next to the trampoline section you have a leap of faith tower and a vertical slide, both of which are meant to test your courage.


Now the other areas of the new Trampo location is where I think things get interesting. First you have a large area on your right once you walk in filled with really tall climbing walls. This is my favorite area in the whole arena since it’s one I’ll probably go back to try.


Right in the middle of the arena but raised above ground is a cable climbing area. It’s a obstacle course in the air which you traverse and once you get to the end of it there is a zip line that takes you to the other side.


The last activity at the new Trampo location is one I think a lot of teenagers are going to love, a skate park. The skate park is divided into three main areas with the first one aimed towards intermediate skaters. This area is composed of a large shallow pool on one side and low rails and ledges on the other with small quarter pipes.


The second area behind the intermediate one is the main skating area and consists of two large quarter pipes connected to each other with volcanos in the middle. This area is a lot more difficult but to help make things a bit easier, there is a third area where you could go to and practice your tricks.


The training area consists of a slope down to a quarter pipe which has a foam pit behind it. This way skaters and riders can practice their tricks without having to worry about getting hurt. And yes, BMX riders can use these facilities alongside skaters and if you don’t have a skateboard or bike, they have them available for you to use.

I got the price list from Tampo and it’s as follows:

Jump: KD6.5/hour
Climb: KD6/hour
Skate’n’Ride Junior: KD7/hour
Skate’n’Ride Pro: KD5.5/hour
Leap: KD1
Slide: KD1
Zipline: KD4

Trampo Extreme just opened this past weekend and their hours are Monday to Thursday 2PM to 10PM, Friday 10AM to 10PM, Saturday 10AM to 8PM and Sundays they are closed. The skate area doesn’t require any bookings but the climbing and trampoline areas do. To book your spot you can do so online from their website [Here]

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Milsim Kuwait – Operation Eagle Eye

Post by Mark


I’ve posted about Milsim a few times over the years but in case you missed my previous posts, Milsim is a military simulation game where players use airsoft weapons. Unlike paintball you don’t fire off a million shots and hope they hit your target. Milsim instead involves a lot more strategy and ammunition needs to be conserved similar to real life scenarios. It’s very realistic.


Anyway the video above popped on my Facebook feed and I hadn’t seen it before and thought it looked great. The situations look very realistic and the location just incredible (I think it’s somewhere on Failaka Island). That YouTube account also has other Milsim videos which you can check out [Here]

If you’re interested in Milsim you can check out their website [Here] or on instagram @milsimkuwait

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New Store: Good Game

Post by Mark

A friend of mine is opening up a very cool store next week called Good Game. The store will carry tabletop, board, war and card games like Warhammer 40,000, Magic: The Gathering, A Game of Thrones, Settlers of Catan and Lord of the Rings the Living Card Game. They also have space in case you want to play any of the games in the store as well as accessories like paint and various gaming components. The store which was designed by a very talented friend of mine (Nesef Al Nesef) looks ridiculously cool as well.

The store opens this coming Monday and will be located in Sanabil Tower (opposite Souq Sharq) on M2. Their phone number is 22397548 and you can also check them out on the following links:


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The obvious evolution

Post by Mark

If you want to create your own here is a blank canvas but it’s more fun if you actually go out in a group to a street sign in your neighborhood and do something, take a photo and send it to me on so I could post it up here. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun.

Note: if you haven’t seen Bnaider 258 or 264 you won’t get this

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Pop Up Graffiti Picnic

Post by Mark

My friends at Monstariam are organizing a super cool event, a “Pop Up Graffiti Picnic”. They’re going to provide you with walls to graffiti (legally) and you just need to come down with your own spray cans and food and just spend the afternoon tagging the walls while eating and socializing.

The event is on May 10th in the park outside Discovery Mall in Kuwait City. I’m going to be there for sure.

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It’s Jet Ski season again, here’s what you need to know

Post by Mark

The weather this past week has been fantastic, it was sunny and the skies were a deep blue with very little wind. It’s really the best time for outdoor activities including jet skiing.

If you’ve never jet skied before it’s really very easy and not complicated at all. Jet ski has just two buttons and one leaver. The buttons are for starting and shutting down the engine while the lever is for accelerating. To slow down the jet ski you just let go of the lever. You don’t need to know how to balance a jet ski or anything of the sort, you just sit on it and pull the leaver and that’s pretty much it.

There are various locations on the Gulf Road where you can rent jet skis from and they all basically follow the same guidelines. You need to keep your Civil ID with them while the jet ski is out with you and you also have to sign a waiver/contract. Some locations offer lockers to put your stuff in others don’t. I would recommend you keep everything in the car anyway and then either leave your keys with them so they don’t get wet or get a small waterproof pouch to take with you. Some jet ski renters also give you a cheap Casio watch to wear so you know how much time you’ve been out for and when you need to be back by. Most also have a tap/shower to rinse off once you’re done.

The cost of renting a jet ski is KD10 for 30 minutes or KD15 for 1 hour. If you’re interested in renting one below are some Google Map links to various locations along the Gulf Road. If you’re planning to take pictures make sure your phone has a water poof case.

Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Location 4

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Yousef backflipping around Kuwait

Post by Mark

Yousef is a 17 year old Kuwaiti kid with a thing for backflips. He went around Kuwait and shot clips of himself backflipping in front of different landmarks and inside different places with the idea to show Kuwait in a different way.

He makes backflipping look so easy. [YouTube]

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Destroy Aramex with a Killer Robot

Post by Mark

Ok so you won’t really be destroying Aramex but it’s still fun specially if you’re upset with their recent price increase. State Farm Insurance in the US has a website where you could plug in a street address and then watch a giant robot destroy it. People are supposed to put their home address and their real names but it’s a lot more fun my way. Just put your KWI XXX mailbox as your name and copy paste this address “182-21 150th Avenue” and then watch the robot do it’s part. [Link]

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Al Sawaber

Post by Mark

Nicely shot film by Timothy Carr on Al Sawaber, the PK Jaguars and Parkour. This is the description attached with the video:

Al Sawaber is a Kuwaiti housing project built in 1976. This once beautiful complex is now a run down slum known for housing the worst of Kuwait’s criminal element. It is also an amazing parkour spot filled with unique architecture mixing harsh concrete edges and organic landscaping quite nicely. With its rooftops, elevated walkways, massive stairways, parks and unique architectural touches the PK Jaguars, Kuwait’s first and best Parkour team have made it their favorite spot to train. This is a film about Al Sawaber, the PK Jaguars and Parkour.

The film is nearly 10 minutes long which makes it a bit repetitive and I’m also not sure how accurate the description is about Al Sawaber housing criminals is. Still, it’s an interesting video to watch. [Vimeo]

Thanks Anes

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