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BBT Haunted House

This is an interesting and random project, BBT is opening a haunted house next month on the Gulf Road. The project is in collaboration with TEC and is located near where Jeans Grill used to be in Salmiya (the good old days).

The haunted house looks to be hospital themed which gave me Raccoon General Hospital vibes from Resident Evil. In addition to the haunted house there will also be a new BBT location right next to it.

Both the haunted house and the new BBT are expected to open mid next month. Tickets to the haunted house will be through the TEC app. If you want to check the place out it’s still under construction but here it is on Google Maps.

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Tee Off at the Sahara Golf Driving Range

Earlier this year, I discovered the Sahara Golf Club driving range, and it turned into a fun outdoor activity that I enjoyed a couple of times with friends.

The driving range is located inside the golf course and you are driven to it on their golf carts. You don’t need to know how to play golf to be able to enjoy the driving range, it’s just an open area where you hit balls as far as you can. It’s a popular activity in the States and can be something you do alone or with a group of friends.

The cost for using the driving range is surprisingly affordable considering it’s at the Sahara Golf Club. For non-members, it’s 10KD for 2 hours and that includes 150 balls. If you don’t have a golf club, you can rent one for 3KD while an additional 150 balls are also 3KD.

The Sahara Golf Club is open daily from 5:30 AM, and the last check-in time for the driving range is 8 PM. To use the driving range just head to their golf shop or book ahead by calling them up on 22203410/11.

There is a basic dress code which I’ve shared above. They also offer lessons if you’re interested. At just 13KD, I think this is one of the most affordable and fun outdoor activities in Kuwait. Here is the link to their website.

Photo on top from @itsgee98

Fun Interesting

Have you heard of Turtle Park?

Turtle Park is a small artificial island on the Gulf Road located right behind Johnny Carino’s. It’s called Turtle Park on Google Maps because it has turtle sculptures scattered on it.

Unlike Duck Park which I posted about a couple of weeks ago and has real ducks, there are no real turtles in Turtle Park. It’s still really cute though.


Decorate a Gingerbread House

This is a fun holiday experience for both adults and children, Spunsprinkles, the cotton candy experience store is now offering a gingerbread house decorating experience for the holidays.

If you haven’t been to their new location in 360 Mall yet, it’s pretty big with multiple cotton candy customizing stations as well as a small seating area.

The experience is around an hour long, costs 15KD and you need to pre-book it. If you’re interested book through

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Blacklight Minigolf in Kuwait

I was going to go try this out before posting about it, but then I found out the place was located in Khiran so that’s not gonna happen. But, if you don’t mind driving to Khiran with friends, there is a place there called Nomad that has Blacklight Minigolf. I’ve tried it in Dubai before and it was super fun although me and my friend were pretty drunk when playing and she hilariously ended up breaking her pinky finger when she tripped and fell over one of the holes. But even if no alcohol is involved miniature golf is always a fun activity.

Nomad also has laser tag although that’s not something I care for but you might. Check out their Instagram account and their website for booking is


The New & Larger Spunsprinkles!

Spunsprinkles, the cotton candy experience store opened their new location this past weekend at 360 Mall. The new location is so much bigger than the previous one with a total of 6 cotton candy stations and a small seating area. If you’ve never been to Spunsprinkles before, they’re a cotton candy store that allows you to build your own customized cotton candy cup or cone with a whole variety of different toppings. They have over 24 different cotton candy flavors and the experience is really fun for both adults and children. I’ve posted about them before and you can check that post here.

If you want to pass by, the new location is located in the 360 Mall food court next to Cinescape. For more info they’re on Instagram @spunsprinkles

Fun Interesting

The Longest Indoor Slide in the World is in Eqaila

The longest indoor slide in the world just opened inside 89 Mall in Egaila. The slide spans 6 floors and measures 85.02m, beating the previous record-holder, a slide in Taiwan that measured 74.638m.

You can now book a ticket for the slide… if you’re willing to pay 6.5KD for the experience. Even if it’s the longest one in the world, 6.5KD seems like a lot to pay for just going down a slide. In any case, if you want to book a ticket you can do so from their website You can also check out their Instagram account @loopz.q8


Squid Game in Kuwait

Dream Factory who have different escape room experiences now have a Squid Game event that takes place after you and your friends are done completing one of their escape rooms.

Once you’re done with any of their rooms, you get to play the Red Light, Green Light game from the popular tv series and the winner gets a prize. They have a video up on their instagram showing the setup and looks kinda fun. For more photos, check out their instagram @dreamfactorykwt

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Spunsprinkles – A Cotton Candy Experience

Over the weekend I tried out the cotton candy experience at Spunsprinkles and it was wayyyy more fun than I thought it would be. I had pre-booked the experience for me and a couple of friends a week earlier since the few available slots they have get booked quickly. The space is pretty small but super cute and we had stools set up for us in front of the cotton candy spinner.

The first thing they made us do was pick the flavor of the cotton candy we wanted from 16 different ones available (not including their secret menu). After picking our favorite we got to choose all the various sprinkles and glitter we wanted with our cotton candy including edible stickers. Once we all chose how we wanted our cotton candy to look, we started building it. Although the experience is mostly catered towards children, it was honestly a lot of fun as adults which is why they get people of different ages booking the experience.

In the end, we all left with huge smiles on our faces and our tubs of customized cotton candy (my watermelon flavored cotton candy was delicious). The experience costs KD1 per person not including the cost of the cotton candy which varies from 1.5KD to 2.5KD depending on what you’re building.

Being stuck in Kuwait for the past 18 months has resulted in most of us looking for anything new and fun to try while here. This is something you definitely should add to your list to try with friends (or your kids). Their experience slots for the week fill up quickly but new slots open every Sunday at 4PM. Check them out on Instagram @spunsprinkles and if you want to book an experience yourself, here is the link.

Fun Shopping Toys

Good Game Now Online!

If you’re bored during curfew here is something you can get into, board games. My favorite board games shop Good Game is now online. They have a large variety of different board games from super nerdy stuff to fun family ones as well as card games and RPG’s. It doesn’t look like they’ve finished uploading all the product photos but the board game category seems to be all there. So check it out here.