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Visiting Shaab’s Duck Park

Duck Park is a small public park located in Shaab that has a small pond and lots of ducks! I first found out about it last year but back then when I visited the park, there weren’t that many ducks and the pond had been drained. But, I passed by a couple of days ago and things have now changed.

The park is pretty nice, small but is being well taken care of and features a climbing rope section for kids along with some swings and toys.

Other than ducks you have a few other kinds of birds that roam around freely as well as the park cats. I call them the park cats since they seem to be chill with the ducks and aren’t trying to constantly chase them or eat them.

If you want to pass by and check out the park, here is the location on Google Maps.

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My son and I stop by a couple days each week, to give the kittens some proper cat food. We also pick up a couple handfuls of food-container trash from others who bring food.

The rope climbing activity is broken, unfortunately. And the red swing is just an accident waiting to happen – no seat on one side, and no back on the other.

I have been going regularly to this park with my son for about 12 years (it’s where I taught him to ride his bike without training wheels!). It used to have actual green grass all over. But it is still a nice park overall – lots of trees, so it is very shady.

yk the pics made the place look exciting but i been there awhile ago and ion think ill go there again first its such a tiny park u can see all the whole park thro the parking and i mean there was like 4 ducks and all of em were hiding lol

Just visited it with my baby. Are you sure the park is taking care of? Garbage and empty bottles are everywhere. Lake water seems was never changed. People bring food for the ducks and keep plastic bags. Park is okeish, for Kuwait.

When I was there early in the week there were 3 gardners/cleaners there, not sure if they come daily or once a week, but the park was clean when i took my photos.

I went there after reading your post, it was really dirty, left over food everywhere also the pond is nasty, looks like abandoned warntorn park apart from the ducks, 1/5 wouldn’t recommend it if you are not going only for the ducks.

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