23 06, 2019

Eataly Opening Next Month

2019-06-23T08:36:08+03:00Jun 23, 2019|10 Comments

The popular Italian restaurant and marketplace Eataly is targetting to open up in Avenues on July 21st. Eataly is already open the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and although I haven’t tried it myself I’ve heard the food is great. The Avenues location is in Phase 4 near the Mercedes dealership and they’re on Instagram @eatalyarabia

16 01, 2019

Tesla is Coming to Kuwait! *UPDATED*

2019-01-16T14:48:19+03:00Jan 16, 2019|26 Comments

Update: The information below turned out not to be true!

A friend just let me know that Al Bisher, the company that recently lost the Mercedes dealership has signed an agreement with Tesla to bring them to Kuwait. Tesla will be taking over the old Mercedes locations and garage which should make life easier on the Tesla customers who imported their cars to Kuwait.

The reason Tesla took so long to come to Kuwait is because of ownership rights. Tesla doesn’t franchise the brand but it seems they’ve worked out some sort of deal with Al Bisher that solves that. I’m curious to see if they’ll set up charging stations around the country. Exciting!

Note: Keep in mind the above information is just a rumor for now, I am still waiting for confirmation on the above from another source.

Thanks K

11 11, 2018

Rumor: Location of New Mercedes Dealership

2018-11-11T18:12:51+03:00Nov 11, 2018|7 Comments

As I previously posted, starting January 1st, Al Mulla Group will be the new distributors for Mercedes-Benz in Kuwait. There has been a lot of talk on where their showroom will be but this current rumor seems to be the most plausible one.

Volkswagon just moved to a new showroom in Al Rai (pictured above), so the rumor is that the Acura dealership will now move into the old VW showroom, leaving the current Acura showroom for Mercedes to take over.

To me, this makes the most sense since the Acura lineup is fairly small, and I don’t think is doing so well in Kuwait, so the old VW location should help cut down on their overhead. The current Acura location is actually pretty nice and spacious so should be enough for the full Mercedes lineup, at least until they build them a new larger location.

Update: Looks like the above isn’t a rumor anymore. A short while ago Acura sent a message to their customers informing them that the dealership is moving to the old VW showroom (including their service center).

3 09, 2018

Chick-fil-A is Coming to Kuwait!

2018-09-03T10:43:03+03:00Sep 3, 2018|47 Comments

Back in 2012 I posted that Alshaya wanted to bring the super popular American franchise Chick-fil-A to Kuwait. I wrote about how talks had failed since Chick-fil-A wanted Alshaya to close on Sundays (they’re a very Christian company) and Alshaya didn’t want to. Instead, Alshaya was trying to convince them to change that rule for the region but Chick-fil-A wasn’t backing down and the deal fell apart.

Then, a couple of years ago I posted that Al Sayer was in talks with Chick-fil-A. Al Sayer denied it but based on my sources at Al Sayer and the aggressive call I got from the Al Sayer Franchising team it felt like they were, in fact, talking with Chick-Fil-A.

I guess those talks failed because fast forward to today, I get an email from my source letting me know that Alshaya have finally signed with Chick-fil-A. No idea if Alshaya have agreed to close on Sundays or if Chick-fil-A have loosened up their policy for the region, but either way, I don’t care. With Chick-fil-A coming to Kuwait, the only other franchise left that we really need is In-N-Out.

18 04, 2018

Live Nation is Coming to Kuwait

2018-04-18T09:44:27+03:00Apr 18, 2018|2 Comments

Live Nation

According to the Tamdeen Group annual report, they’ve signed with Live Nation to manage the events and activities that will take place at the International Tennis Complex that’s currently under construction next to 360 Mall. Live Nation is the largest live entertainment company. They are concert promoters, venue operators and also handle ticketing and artist management.

This is pretty big news since more and more concerts are taking place in Kuwait and with Live Nation coming in, it could also mean a lot more concerts will start taking place here. Not only that but since the largest arena at the tennis complex can hold 4,000 people, twice more than the largest theater at JACC, this could mean they’d be able to price the tickets cheaper.

Tennis Arena

Construction on the Sheikh Jaber Al-Abdullah AlJaber Al-Sabah International Tennis Complex is expected to be completed by next year. For previous posts on the tennis complex, click [Here]

Thanks lovelykuwait

24 01, 2018

This is Not an Official Apple Store

2018-01-24T09:59:02+03:00Jan 24, 2018|26 Comments

A bunch of people and friends have been forwarding me the screenshot above taken from the account @kuwait_projects. Kuwait Projects post is a bit misleading since he makes it seem like an official Apple store is opening in Avenues Phase 4. That isn’t the case. The store in the picture above is just a regular authorized Apple store, not an official one.

19 01, 2018

Rapper Russ Backs Out from Kuwait Concert

2018-01-19T16:41:53+03:00Jan 19, 2018|24 Comments

I honestly have no clue who Russ is, but a friend told me he’s pretty popular so figured this was newsworthy. Based on some tweets he posted a while ago, Russ was supposed to come and perform in Kuwait but then found out the promoter was planning on selling the tickets for a ridiculous price, so he backed out.

The prices for the tickets were going to be as follows:

VIP – KD250
Gold – KD200
Silver – KD150
Bronze – KD100
Normal – KD50

The prices seem similar to Sting but looking at the seating chart of this event, it didn’t look like it was going to be held at a proper theater. In fact, I think it was going to be held in a large tent or hall with no elevated seating which means anything behind silver would have been terrible seating. According to Russ, he’s still willing to come to Kuwait, but only if the promoter decides to reduce the ticket prices. We’ll see how this plays out.

18 12, 2017

Burger & Lobster in the City

2017-12-18T17:29:48+03:00Dec 18, 2017|11 Comments

I found out earlier today that Burger & Lobster are opening up in Kuwait City, in place of where Cereal Killer used to be located.

I like this location and I think it should end up doing a lot better than the Avenues one which always felt too out of the way to pass by for a quick meal. The new location is right next to Arabica in downtown, here it is on [Google Maps]