8 11, 2017

The Mountain is Coming to Kuwait!

2017-11-08T12:00:10+03:00Nov 8, 2017|1 Comment

The Mountain

Actor and strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson who plays the role of “The Mountain” in the series Game of Thrones is going to be in Kuwait this month. The Mountain is one of the guests taking part in the IGN Convention thats being held at the Kuwait International Fairground. For more information on the event, click [Here]

25 10, 2017

Cartier in the Park

2017-10-25T20:22:05+03:00Oct 25, 2017|7 Comments

Yesterday while I was in Al Shaheed Park I spotted a large Cartier structure near the Circle of Peace. I tried to get more information on it but security there wouldn’t even let me take a photo of the building (wtf?) let alone answer my questions. Does anyone know if this is a permanent structure or not? My guess is that its a temporary one for some sort of event but seems overkill financially for just a 2 day event or something.

Update: Its a two day event called ‘Cactus De Cartier’, more info [Here]

3 10, 2017

Rumor: Eggslut Coming to the Middle East

2018-06-04T10:18:44+03:00Oct 3, 2017|43 Comments

This is completely unconfirmed but yesterday I heard that a Kuwaiti company got the rights for Eggslut in the Middle East. Eggslut is an LA-based gourmet food concept where all the items on their menu feature eggs. I had mentioned Eggslut under my “L.A. Eats” post a few months ago as a place to try out if you’re ever in L.A. If anyone has any information on this rumor please let me know!

Update: It’s confirmed!

6 08, 2017

PayPal Money Withdrawal Soon

2017-08-06T09:18:14+03:00Aug 6, 2017|15 Comments

If you’re a PayPal user you probably already know that as residents of Kuwait, we don’t have the ability to cash out our PayPal credit. Meaning if someone sends you $100 with PayPal, there is no way of withdrawing that money or depositing it into your bank account.

But according to a reader this might change come October. According to the reader, he recently got a call from PayPal for a survey and at the end of the call, he asked them about money withdrawals in Kuwait. The PayPal representative told him that money withdrawals would be activated in October with NBK.

Hopefully this is true since I know a lot of small businesses who want to open up online websites and accept credit card payments but can’t afford the high rates of our local banks. PayPal would be a much more affordable option for them and work easier with ecommerce sites like SquareSpace and Shopify.

Thanks Jassim

24 07, 2017

Entertainment City Reopening by 2021

2017-07-24T19:17:46+03:00Jul 24, 2017|9 Comments

According to the instagram account @tafteesh_kw, the government has stated that Entertainment City will be reopening by 2021. There aren’t any other details but I’m assuming the park is set to get renovated during this time.

Originally I heard the plan to renovate the park was put on the back burner after the price of oil plunged below $50 a barrel since the government decided to be more frugal with spending. The aging rides desperately needed an update and by the time the park had closed down, majority of the big rides like the Australian Log Ride and the rollercoasters weren’t working.

There were rumors about Six Flags being involved in the original renovation project, no idea if that is still the case or not but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Photo by Ahmed Al Bather

23 05, 2017

Rumor: Equinox Gyms to Open in Kuwait

2017-05-23T10:13:41+03:00May 23, 2017|5 Comments

Equinox is a popular luxury gym chain in the US and according to a reader, they’re going to open in Kuwait (and most likely the region). Alshaya are bringing the brand which will most likely compete with the likes of Inspire, The Burrow and Elite Fitness.

No information on when or where they’re planning to open as of now.

Thanks Andrew

21 05, 2017

Rumor: Adele is Coming to Kuwait

2017-05-21T09:46:29+03:00May 21, 2017|20 Comments

Over the weekend I was told that preliminary approval from the Ministry to bring Adele to Kuwait was given. If everything works out she’ll be performing at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre which has recently hosted other big name musicians like Yanni and Googoosh. Although, bringing Adele would be on a completely different level.

I wasn’t given any dates on when this might happen, but based on her schedule, it would be safe to assume that if it will happen, it would be sometime in the second half of this year.

25 01, 2017

Talks to Bring Pret a Manger to Kuwait

2017-01-25T09:29:36+03:00Jan 25, 2017|12 Comments

According to a source, Al Yasra are in talks to try and bring Pret a Manger to Kuwait. Pret is already available in the UAE and so it would make sense to expand around the region. I always used to wonder where one would open a Pret in Kuwait since it works well in an area with some foot traffic that isn’t a mall. Now With all the coffee shops in the city creating a bit of foot traffic, that might actually be a great location for a Pret especially since its surrounded by office buildings as well.