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Dubai’s SALT is Coming to Kuwait Next Month

Dubai’s beach-born concept SALT is coming to Kuwait next month and they’ll be popping up at the new Blajaat project in Salmiya.

Although SALT is mostly known for their iconic Airstream trailer, over the past few years their pop-ups have turned into beautiful and elaborate setups, so should be interesting what they’re planning for Kuwait.

The exact date hasn’t been finalized but they should be popping up the last week of November.

9 replies on “Dubai’s SALT is Coming to Kuwait Next Month”

Haven’t heard anything since the original press release. They announced it last year but it will probably take time to start rolling it out in the region.

Daves will still happen they are focused on stronger markets with demand. I know
Owners thats why i know the plan. I was surpised Al Shaya didnt scoop them up. Great product.

There’s already another ‘Salt’ at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach. Of course, that one is very different from this concept.

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