Promoted: Chopsters – Your Everyday Steak Shop

I’m a fan of restaurants that are very focused with a small simple menu, and Chopsters is one of those places.

Chopsters is a locally created concept that is committed to making premium steak affordable without compromising on quality. They’re your everyday casual steak shop and they’re all about keeping things simple.

Their menu is composed of a handful of dishes so they can ensure excellent consistency and flavor every single time. Their most popular dish is their chopped steak served with their secret sauce, signature salad, home-baked bread and hand-cut fries. But, they also offer chicken, salmon and a very juicy beef brisket cheeseburger, so there’s something for everyone.

Another cool thing is that they’re located in Al Andalus, one of my favorite outdoor spaces especially with this cooler weather. You have a cinema there, a VR experience, a kids gym, and a bunch of retail shops, so they’re the perfect place to grab a bite before or after whatever activity you end up choosing.

No need for reservations, and no fancy dress codes, just come as you are. They’re open from 1PM to 11PM daily and you can check their instagram and here is their location on Google Maps.

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I thought “Al Andalus” is a area name but when i opened the location. it took me to Hawally area. I got confuse. then searched on google and came to know that its a complex 😀
so, was thinking dumb people like me can get confuse if area/complex word will not be mentioned after a name.

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