Alo Yoga Coming to Kuwait

Alo Yoga, the Los Angeles-based premium lifestyle/yoga brand is coming to Kuwait soon. Alshaya got the franchise and based on their jobs posting, they are setting up their head office in the UAE and then opening their first store in Kuwait.

Once open, Alo will compete directly with Lululemon so I’d imagine they will be getting a very premium location in The Avenues for their first store.

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Clothes that might encourage the youth of our country to indulge in immoral activities?! not on my watch. When ban?

Ah i see you fell for the Jake Paul media control. We will know on Fri if my guy made weight as hes been cutting still. Cancelling was premature move on Jakes part he wanted a way out. Alo yoga still way lamer.

lol I mean I’ve been reading all the stuff your guy has been saying and that audio where he says when he weighed in 216 on the video that was fake. None of that came from Jake. So Alo yoga > Hashim

I just realized you got offended cause you wear yoga pants ? “It” & “they” seem to be in these days
Facts of the event will discuss over a call not on here

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