Delivery Hero Buys Carriage

Post by Mark

Online food takeaway firm Delivery Hero, which sources have said is considering a flotation imminently, has agreed to buy Middle East food delivery platform Carriage, the latest in a series of technology deals in the region. Chief Executive Niklas Ostberg said in a statement on Monday that Kuwait-based Carriage, which operates in the Gulf Council countries, would strengthen Delivery Hero’s foothold in a region with “significant growth potential”.

Delivery Hero first entered the Middle East in 2015 when it bought regional market leader Talabat from Rocket Internet. Ostberg said Carriage would be a “perfect addition” to Delivery Hero’s current offering under the Talabat brand.


Oh wow, I did not see that coming.

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  1. aaa says:

    This explains the recent drop in quality, lots of short term success that wasn’t sustainable to make themselves look better to investors

  2. q80 says:

    Based on the cars traffic in Kuwait, I am always impressed with the service.

    Hope the success continues!!

    Well done to the founders, great guys.

  3. The sayer says:

    Had severe cash burn issues. Better to escape with something, than fold or compete against Talabat Go.

  4. MarhabaCFK says:

    So talabat and carriage under one umbrella? Does that mean a merger too? Interesting for us…

  5. Abdulla.S says:

    Hey Mark, you should have thought this could happen before you screwed up your relationship with Talabat i.e your previous article on Talabat…!!!

  6. AA says:

    Do we know how much was the deal worth?

  7. Ibn Al Jazeera says:

    Mark all the comments about a degradation in quality of service from Carriage these past few weeks is true. They are constantly late, over 2 hour delivery times on average at peak hours.

    They started removing CASH as a pay option during peak hours to cut losses from cancelled orders as a result of tardiness. I always tell my people not to pay with plastic for either Talabat or Carraige as it eliminates your leverage as a consumer.

    I saw this coming, Carriage is limited in the amount of drivers they can hire. They apparently have hit the limit I feel. I wonder how they’re dealing with Takweet.

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