Delivery Hero Buys Carriage

Online food takeaway firm Delivery Hero, which sources have said is considering a flotation imminently, has agreed to buy Middle East food delivery platform Carriage, the latest in a series of technology deals in the region. Chief Executive Niklas Ostberg said in a statement on Monday that Kuwait-based Carriage, which operates in the Gulf Council countries, would strengthen Delivery Hero’s foothold in a region with “significant growth potential”.

Delivery Hero first entered the Middle East in 2015 when it bought regional market leader Talabat from Rocket Internet. Ostberg said Carriage would be a “perfect addition” to Delivery Hero’s current offering under the Talabat brand.


Oh wow, I did not see that coming.

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This explains the recent drop in quality, lots of short term success that wasn’t sustainable to make themselves look better to investors

hmmm i doubt it, i mean they just pick up the food and deliver it so you can’t really mess that up.. unless the driver gets into an accident which is what happened to me once

Last time I ordered with Carriage the food sat in the restaurant for 30 minutes before the driver came to pick it up. Then another 30 minutes to deliver it.

They probably don’t have enough drivers.

Based on the cars traffic in Kuwait, I am always impressed with the service.

Hope the success continues!!

Well done to the founders, great guys.

Had severe cash burn issues. Better to escape with something, than fold or compete against Talabat Go.

It’s not really about the number of other companies that offer that same service. It has to do with market share.

Hey Mark, you should have thought this could happen before you screwed up your relationship with Talabat i.e your previous article on Talabat…!!!

Mark all the comments about a degradation in quality of service from Carriage these past few weeks is true. They are constantly late, over 2 hour delivery times on average at peak hours.

They started removing CASH as a pay option during peak hours to cut losses from cancelled orders as a result of tardiness. I always tell my people not to pay with plastic for either Talabat or Carraige as it eliminates your leverage as a consumer.

I saw this coming, Carriage is limited in the amount of drivers they can hire. They apparently have hit the limit I feel. I wonder how they’re dealing with Takweet.

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