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Jahez Food Delivery App is Coming to Kuwait

Jahez, Saudi’s largest restaurant delivery platform is planning to enter the Kuwaiti market supposedly before the year’s end. They’re the Saudi equivalent of Talabat and I have no idea why they’re coming here since there are already three delivery platforms and Saudi is the place popping right now. My guess is they’re coming here to disrupt the market and take away some of Talabats sales since Talabat is taking away their customers in Saudi. Whatever their reason may be, delivery apps competing for customers should lead to lower prices and better service.

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What is the 3rd delivery platform? I only know Talabat and Deliveroo.
Tried deliveroo for some time and just went back to what works best for me. Talabat.

There is 1 more new delivery app that delivers for free in all areas. The app name is Katch. I got to know about this app through Insta ads. I order through them a couple of times since last week and their delivery is on time, unlike Talabat, and even bring food from far areas without any delivery fees.

Hey! I’m the founder of Katch!

Thanks for mentioning us!

As a startup, it feels great to hear from our happy customers 🙂

Please reach out to us directly for any issues or suggestions and I’ll be happy to oblige.

is carriage still a separate entity from Talabat?

i mean do they have their own cars/drivers and a different selection of restaurants?

i just came back from riyadh i spent a month there. jahez is not a very cool delivery app🙈 it delivers and all yes, but all the restaurants menues are a fraction of what the restaurant actually sells, and u cant edit orders and there is no special request box. it was easier for me to get takeaway than to order from jahez. jahez was good only with kabab and finger food orders. so i dont think it will pick up in kuwait too much since talabat, carriage and deliveroo are much better, even restaurant websites are better than what jahez can offer🤷🏽‍♀️

Do deliveroo and carriage both operate under talabat now?

There’s also a fourth delivery company, the one that operates under the guise of a restaurant’s website. They all have the same format

Your last line should be headlines everywhere

“delivery apps competing should lead to lower prices and better service”

Unfortunately, Talabat isn’t taking off like Carriage did back in the day. However, local food delivery apps such as Jahez are thriving, especially since they’re now operating in Bahrain, as well.

One of the things I like about Jahez, is the order placement and payment process. Whenever an order is placed, there’s a timer and it should be accepted within five minutes, otherwise, it’s gonna be declined. However, if the timer doesn’t run out and it’s been accepted, you have the option to pay anytime during the ordering process using ApplePay or any debit/credit card.

Jahez kinda upped it that way, since only one other delivery app (MRSOOL) offered that payment option.

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