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Pret Opening 3 New Locations

According to my source, Pret A Manger is planning to open three new locations in Kuwait after the successful opening of their first one in Al Hamra Tower.

The three locations are:
– Argan Bedaya, Sabah Al Salem
– Hybrid Outlet Mall, Al Khiran
– Argan Square, Salmiya

I’ve reached out to Pret for confirmation and I’m currently waiting for their response.

7 replies on “Pret Opening 3 New Locations”

I just visited Pret last week in UK. Always the safe go to spot when you’re in a hurry. I like their wide options. Its a really good brand.

Where’s Argan Square? And how come they’re not planning any new locations for Avenues, Assima or even 360?

Argan Square is in front of AUK although my source was least confident in the accuracy of that location. Assima they were supposedly going to open in first, before Hamra, but the deal fell through and they ended up in Hamra which I think is actually a much better location right now.

I passed by their Hamra branch three times, its dead, two nights ago I passed and stopped just to be sure on my way to the movie theater, It was empty and by saying empty I mean zero customers, it was 8pm.

I think their performance in the Hamra mall store really cooled down after the hype of the first few days.. will be interesting to see how they fare overall.. these 3 locations dont sound great

It did cool down as in there is no more long queue to get into the store but it still is always really busy. I think Pick are the ones who got hurt the most by it. Yeah the new locations for me don’t do it, but airport terminal is something they’ve shown interest in and that would obviously be a great spot.

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