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ALBAIK Opening in 2024

Because of my Popeyes post this morning a few people asked me if I had any updates about ALBAIK opening in Kuwait. ALBAIK is a very popular Saudi fried chicken concept and from what I’ve been told, they’re planning to open in Kuwait next year with the first two locations in Al Khiran and Aswaq Qurain. They also have plans to open two more locations in the north but they haven’t decided where yet.

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In order to compete with Al Baik. KFC Saudi introduced Green bucket which meant, it is made from locally produced chicken and it is very tasty. And Al baik has the best nuggets. so excited!

green bucket means Saudi raised chickens. But in general kfc tastes better comparing to Kuwait as Kuwait’s has turned greecy and oily

Great News… Al-Baik is much better than KFC & their items will give super tough competition to many local brands in Kuwait.

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