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Popeyes is Coming Back to Kuwait

Popeyes, the popular fried chicken chain is coming back to Kuwait. Tanmiah, the Saudi food company that owns and operates Popeyes in Saudi Arabia announced in a press release that they will be expanding into two new markets, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Popeyes used to be open in Kuwait until they closed down back in 2014. Interestingly, we’re now seeing a trend of brands making a comeback in Kuwait with Nando’s, Magnolia Bakery, Little Caesars, and now Popeyes all reopening again. Hopefully A&W and Arby’s are next!

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Damn, Mark pulling through with some exciting news for 2024.

Nandos, Chiptole, Al Baik & Popeyes. I feel hyped for 2024 lol!

I hope they bring their full menu when launching here.
Visited their outlet in Manama airport – and they do not serve the chicken broast on their menu. Just a bunch of nuggets and nugget style burgers.

Oh man!

I loved Popeyes! Hope they come back with some Blackened Tenders!

I also hope Arbys makes a come back. The roast beef they had was DIVINE!

Thanks, way back in 2006 i was employed in Texas Chicken Kuwait, till 2011, i was assign in several branches, (Al Daher, Al Qurain, Mishref, Shuwaikh, Gulf Road, Benaider, Salmiya blk 12,) Texas Chicken was one of the best chicken at first, but later on they changed some alternative products, like, mayo, bbq sauce, originated from US, but later on they get from egypt, but over all still good, specially the mexicana Sandwich, or Tex Supreme Sandwich. Chicken are always fresh from Almutaheda co.

Finally, the fried chicken market in Kuwait has had such a downfall in recent times hopefully they can maintain their previous standards & taste. All the current brands have fallen short of the quality expected from them but the prices keep going up especially with KFC all you taste is the oil.

seriously? there is some amazing fried chicken here….try bazooka! and try chicster if u havent already tried it, and finally my oh my which recently rebranded to Bucket

I have tried bazooka & didn’t really like the taste, the only ones i like are naif & farooj, yet to try chicster & bucket

Their cajun fries and mashed potato with gravy was simply amazing! And I remember their Wicked Chicken was really good too.

No they didn’t, they were open that whole time in Marina Mall but they just recently closed it because they moved to a new location across the street from Five Guys in Salmiya.

Just goes to show you that I haven’t been to the Marina Mall food court in years. I haven’t eaten there since high school. I just go there these days to get Jollibee for my housekeepers.

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