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Visit the Noor Riyadh Festival 2023

Last year I visited Riyadh to check out the Noor Festival, the largest light art festival in the world. Noor means light in Arabic and last year they had 44 different light installations spread across Riyadh and some were really epic. This year the festival is going to be even bigger with over 80 artists invited to participate.

Monira Al Qadiri (@moniraism), the Kuwaiti visual artist whom I’ve previously featured on the blog before is one of the artists invited to take part in the festival this year which starts on November 30th and continue till December 16th.

Visiting the different light installations is free and finding them is easy using the festival app.

If you’ve never been to Riyadh it’s a fun road trip if you want to drive down. Any resident of Kuwait can also apply for a Saudi tourism eVisa no matter of your nationality. There is a lot to do in Riyadh in terms of things to see and restaurants to experience. Last year I went for one night only because there were a handful of light installations I wanted to see but it was really hectic and I wished I stayed a night longer. You can do it in just a night if you really want but two nights would be much better experience.

For more information on the festival, visit @noorriyadhfestival or

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You blocked me on Instagram because I spoke about Palestine!.

Palestine will be free!

You will be exported for sympathising with Israel I promise you

I understand you’re upset, and if you want to talk politics you’re free to do so right here on the blog in the comments section. But the Instagram account comments section has a different set of rules where I don’t allow any negative comments towards me, negative comments on Kuwait, negative comments on the post, discussion of politics or arguing between people. I also don’t post anything negative in general as you’re probably aware.

If you have an issue with that you are free to unfollow me.

wow… just outta curiosity Mark, why the different set of rules on instagram? is it your own rules or something to do with the T&C of instagram?

No they’re my own rules I set at the start, I just wanted the account to be a feel good account without the negativity usually associated with social media in Kuwait (people love to complain and hate).

there’s a football qualifier match for the world cup tomorrow at jaber stadium, palestine vs australia, you going?

Don’t remember, I’m sure they’ll announce it with the opening of the festival, might have been part of another app like Riyadh Art or Riyadh Season.

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