Salmiya Garbage Update Part 2

So this is a quick update on my previous post about the garbage issue behind my house. It’s taken me a while to post this update because I was waiting for things to settle but I do have some very interesting information.

In my last post I posted about how after complaining to the baladiya about the overflowing garbage, they started removing the bins one by one until there were none. After sharing the photo of the huge pile of garbage on the floor because there were no bins, the baladiya came and cleaned it up. They didn’t replace the bins but went around warning all the buildings not to dump garbage there anymore. Overnight there were no longer any bins or any garbage.

So I was talking to our building manager about the garbage situation and he filled me in on how the whole thing works and this is where it gets interesting.

If you look at the photo above you’ll see the bins are different colors. Each color represents a different garbage collecting company. There are a number of companies that are licensed by the baladiya to collect the garbage, different buildings work with different companies. Our building works with a company that has blue bins and we pay 50KD a month to dump our garbage in their bins. The building next to us might have a deal with the red bins or yellow bins and pay 35KD a month to dump their garbage in it. When I flagged the garbage issue with the Baladia, they told the companies to remove their bins which is why every day one bin was disappearing, it was the companies coming and collecting their bins.

So when that happened, the buildings in the area got stuck with no where to throw the garbage. If you have a contract that says you can throw your garbage in the red bins, you can’t throw them in the blue bins and vice versa. Luckily for our building, there was a blue bin down the street so our building cleaners had a place to dump our garbage, they just had to walk further down the street. Not sure what other buildings did, but for a few days, there were no bins and no garbage in the sand lot.

Then bins started arriving, but it wasn’t like before:
– The bins were newer and cleaner (photo on top)
– They were laid out in pairs with two from every company
– We finally got 6 bins instead of 5
– The garbage hasn’t overflowed since

It’s been over a week since the new system was implemented and the garbage hasn’t over flowed since. Not sure if adding one extra bin is the reason the garbage stopped overflowing, maybe the red company had too many contracts for one bin and the Baladia forced them to put a second bin, I’m not sure. Also, there no longer is a blue bin so I’m guessing our building has now signed up with another collector, or we’re still dumping our garbage in the bins further down the road.

Whatever the case, the whole thing was interesting and the garbage situation seems to be sorted… for now.

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Thank you for this interesting news.

Mark, we have a badly potholed road near our building in Salmiya Block 10, for quite sometime now. Whom should we contact about getting it fixed ?

Thank you for your reply Mark. But isn’t there some tel no or website where we could log a complaint? Any info would be helpful please, as it’s really bad and ruining our cars.

Mark is Salmiya’s Batman. He is literally getting the trash cleaned up.

Good job man and thank you for sharing. Strange though how they have to outsource the garbage to multiple companies.

How else will all their friends make money and benefit from the ministry? The guy in charge of the tender probably couldnt choose between his cousin and brother so he put them all in charge.

I think it’s a similar system to the States. Based on my knowledge taken completely from The Sopranos, companies bid on garbage contracts. So garbage collection is privatized.

Its divided more so by area, which makes sense. IDK whats going on in Kuwait lol – Why would 2 different garbage removal companies have jurisdiction over the same street/block? Its so inefficient.

I’m also not sure if different buildings contracting with different companies is how it works, because who would bother to go a far distance and throw their trash in the right bin as long as you can throw it in any bin closeby.

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