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It seems Nandos is finally opening their Avenues branch. According to a user in the forum invites were sent out in preparations for the launch which could be sometime this week or next week. You can check out pictures of the invite and more info by clicking [Here]

Thanks Sin!

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Places to go to when one wants to go out :

– Restaurants.

– Malls.

– Cafes


It will fit in nicely I guess, if they want to do a 3 demographic combo strike they should add sheesha and everyone would go there.

SWOS I agree 🙂 but I didn’t say everyone should hate it 🙂 I just think its not worth the hype its getting. sue me 😛

I love it!!! I went to one in south africa which was way better than the one I went to in London, apparently Nando’s is south african, they are behind chlli’s in the avenues outside. Goodbye KFC!

its a normal restaurant! i dont know why you guys make a big toss about food places especially in Kuwait!

iv been in london for the past 8 years, and nandos only 5 mins away from where i live, so i think they are good at making people pay loads of money for chicken 🙂

It’s about time they had opened in Kuwait considering they operate already in every single Gulf state. Their portions are humongous and that is their only downside.Oh,yeah that and the fact they may not serve cold beer or wine in their Kwt outlet.

My bad. Its going to open tomorrow, 7/11. Today was for VIPs and tomorrow for the public. Got there and was disappointed.

Went for lunch today. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! I wanted to go for dinner as well. They actually ran out of food. It was PACKED. My friends went for dinner and they said that it was good, except for the service which was a little slow

Finally !! Nando’s are here.Loving it since back home.Proudly South African !!!.It beats any chicken joint over here.Love their catchy ads in S.A.

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