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Rumor: Elon Musk is Coming to Kuwait

Over the past couple of days there have been rumors floating around about Elon Musk coming to Kuwait. It’s being reported by some local news sites which I hadn’t heard of before, which is why I’m marking this as a rumor for now.

Allegedly, Elon Musk is expected to visit Kuwait in the next few days for discussions aimed at establishing Kuwait as a global hub for artificial intelligence.

This is where things gets strange, there is a secretive GPU cloud startup in Kuwait called Omniva that have plans to build a huge data center in Kuwait. The company is headed by big names who came in from companies like Amazon AWS, META and Microsoft. The data center which is under construction is located at the entrance of Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City (Road 278). source

I reached out to Elon Musk and Omniva to confirm all this, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

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“there is a secretive GPU cloud startup in Kuwait”
Why don’t we start on doing a full coverage gigabit fiber first. GG lol

Electricity in Kuwait is dirt cheap, it’s easy to generate solar energy and Kuwait lacks taxes. Kuwait is also less conflict prone than other countries in the region, so i can see it happening. I honestly really do wish Kuwait would become a vertical farming and lab grown meats hub. Not enough space to grow foods, limited water, and an over-reliance on imports, plus regional tensions, make Kuwait a perfect candidate to invest in proper indoor farming. Not that &ever shit.

Electricity in Kuwait is not cheap. It is subsidized just like water (Water is subsidized by 95% whereas we paying 5%).

Darling, I dont want to teach you economics but you subsidise something.. to make it cheaper, believe it or not. Inflation mainly looks at the end consumer’s costs hence “baskets of goods”.

Give a fuck. Kuwait is world leading in this area. Subsidising essentials like power for citizens and visitors and making it cheap for them is world leading. Fuck everyone else and their high bills to citizens. Kuwait fortunately has the direct oil resources to do this effectively for everyone’s benefit. We don’t even subsidise fish and chip suppers.

Also at the same time. Heavy investment unit the Semiconductor business with new venture capital funds and Saudi soverigen fund into ALAT. Part of the reasoning is the low cost of electricity in this part of the world.

Dont think its right to use the word intelligence for local. Maybe more like alien life form. From my end, the rumor is true. When, that i dont know.

I thought the basic requirement would be to pick a cold/cooler climate for hubs/ datacenters just given the amount of energy it would require to keep the servers cool.

Then again if cost of electricity is no bar for climate control perhaps it would make sense. Very intrigued why Kuwait (and not Saudi, Qatar, UAE) for something like that though.

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