Gulf Road Waterfront has been Completed

The first phase of the new refurbished waterfront has now officially been completed. The first phase stretches from the Green Island all the way to the Kuwait Towers and has been given a complete facelift with new sidewalks, dedicated jogging and bicycle paths, as well as new lights, bins, benches and more.

The second phase of the project is from Green Island to Al Shaab slipway and is expected to be completed in October.

Runners will be glad to know that the running track is cushioned so it will be easy on your knees. Both the running and bike paths have distance markers so you can also tell how far you’ve run or cycled. For more pictures, click here.

6 replies on “Gulf Road Waterfront has been Completed”

Sincerely hope the use of the Jogging and Bike Paths will be clearly managed (?) This to avoid major mishaps. Am sure everyone knows what I mean. If not, one can expect unfortunate “accidents”.

and ofc ppl are already walking on the bike track when the walking track is right next to it, some things never change

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