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Chipotle is Set to Open at The Avenues in April

Last year Chipotle signed an agreement with Alshaya to bring the franchise to the Middle East. The initial plan is for two locations to open each in Dubai and Kuwait. A few weeks ago I posted that their first location in Kuwait is expected to be at The Avenues, and now my source just informed me that they’re aiming to open by April.

The first location will be in The Avenues Phase 4, where Blaze Pizza used to be located, right next to Gait and VOX Cinema.

Every time I post about Chipotle the posts tend to go viral and I’ve been trying to understand why. My best guess is that lots of people used to have Chipotle back when they were studying in the US? I have no idea but if you have a better theory, let me know.

The coming soon hoarding is still not up, but I took the liberty of adding one to my photo.

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which is why you keep posting about it again and again lol… it’s the fascination with everything american when it makes its way here for the first time. imagine what in-n-out would do. and for those about to complain about how it’s going to be a hype and the lines are going to be super long check out the new in-n-out that just opened in idaho. people waited 4 HOURS in the drive thru so it’s not just a kuwait thing

LOL NEVER! Done that before and it never made sense to me!! I did that in the NYC and Ottawa and food was average!

True in my case. Used to have it back in States while in university hence excited to hear its opening soon in Kuwait.

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