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Movies & TV Shows to Watch this Weekend

One of my favorite movies of all time used to be Menace II Society. It’s an old film that came out back in 1993 when I was living in Canada and really into hiphop. It came out around the same time as some other great influential movies including CB4, New Jack City and Juice, all movies related to gang violence and hip hop.

Since then I’ve watched Menance II Society a bunch of times, but the last time might have been 20+ years ago. Recently I was watching live TV on Paramount+ and it came on, and damn it’s still a great movie. It has so much going for it from great acting, incredible writing and lots of scenes that would have gone viral on Tiktok if the movie had come out today. If you haven’t watched it before, add it to your list.

I also watched the first episode of the new season of True Detective. That was also really great and now can’t wait till the next episode. Latest episode of Monarch was also great, and so was Fargo, this week was a good tv week.

What have you been watching?

Movies at the Cinemas
The movies below are now showing at the local cinemas:

New This Weekend:
No Way Up (N/A)
Race for Glory (5.7)
The End We Start From (6.6)
The Hunted (N/A)
The Piper (5.5)
The Last Rifleman (6.6)

Other Movies Showing:
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (6.0)
Migration (7.5)
Night Swim (N/A)
The Beekeeper (6.8)
Wish (6.0)
Wonka (7.4)

The classic films below are currently showing at the 1954 Film House:
Rush Hour 2 (6.7)

The numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at the time of publishing.

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while writing the post I was thinking that a lot of people reading my post might not have even been born when the film came out. glad I have some oldies here lol

Monsieur Spade didn’t disappoint. The ending of episode one is eerily similar to true detective s04e01 ending.
And i watched Napoleon and also liked it a lot.
The Marvels wasn’t too bad either.

dont forget about “higher learning” & “boyz in the hood”
and the CLASSIC of all CLASSICS “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood”

Menace II Society, New Jack City, Boyz N The Hood & Juice are hip hop gang classic films. Im sure you watched more recent films like Straight Outta Compton which was great & the failure, All Eyez On Me. I just finished watching all of Reacher finally. I enjoyed it even though acting wasnt great.

I rewatched Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and I thought it was fine.

I also watched il Boemo (The Bohemian) and it was boring as hell! Not even the R-rated scenes or nice costumes could save the movie.

I also saw the first 3 eps of Star Trek: SNW S2 and they were great.

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