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A Night Out at the Miami Band Concert

Last night, I had the privilege of attending Miami Band’s final dress rehearsal at The Arena before their sold-out 5-night performance, and it was a pretty fun experience.

I wouldn’t call myself a Miami Band fan, I know a handful of their songs because I grew up with them but Arabic music isn’t really my thing. I think last night might have actually been my first Arabic concert and I didn’t get bored, maybe during a couple of their slower songs but the show was entertaining and it mostly had to do with the fact there was always something happening on stage.

This Miami Band concert is produced and directed by Free Jabriya who brought in massive international designers and content creators to help out including:

Studio Flint (@studio.flint) – The content creators behind the Coldplay ‘Music Of The Spheres’ world tour

Woodroffe Bassett Design (@woodroffebassettdesign) – The lighting designers behind the recent Elton John farewell tour

Susan Kulkarni – Costume designer for movies like The Peripheral and Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’

Rebecca Brower (@rebeccabrower) – Stage designer who worked on the opening and closing ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics

The show was a visual journey that celebrated the life of the band. In between songs the stage transformed into an animated story book in which the band shared random moments and stories from the past. I’ve been to a lot of concerts and I’ve never seen that and I think Miami Band fans are going to love it.

As of this post 3 out of the 5 nights are already sold out and there are only a handful of seats available for the last 2 nights. The seats don’t seem great when you look at the floor plan but I think they’ll actually be fine. You might actually end up having a good view of the band performing from those seats. So if you’re a Miami Band fan, book them before they’re gone. Tickets Link

50s to 90s Music

When James Brown Came to Kuwait in 1978

Back in 1978, James Brown came to Kuwait and performed over 7 days at Al-Andalus Cinema in Hawalli. The event was organized by a person called Hussein Abul who over the years had brought other performers to Kuwait including Boney M, Demis Roussos, and Santa Esmeralda.

I also heard an unconfirmed story that Hussein had also signed a contract with Michael Jackson to come to Kuwait, but due to cultural changes in Kuwait taking place at that time, concerts started to get banned and Hussein ended up moving to Brazil permanently.

The James Brown event on the other hand was a huge success to the point the organizers had to add more performance slots. Saif Abu Baker from the local band The Scorpions used to be managed by Hussein and ended up getting the job of driving James Brown around since Saif spoke both English and Arabic. That opportunity later got Saif to play bass on the track Super Bad with James Brown on stage.

I’ve previously found newspaper clippings of the concert but only in Arabic. But, thanks to @kuwaittimes giving me access to their archive, I managed to find a few ads for the event as well as two articles.

“Had not the Andalus authorities exercised diplomacy on the audience, the cinema hall would have turned into a dance hall when the celebrated musician James Brown made his debut in Kuwait yesterday. – Kuwait Times, Dec 1978”

The ticket prices for the concert ranged from KD2 to KD10 which in todays money would be around 10KD to 50KD which is actually a pretty good deal.


Kuwait’s Emerging Music Scene

A couple of weeks ago GQ Middle East published a feature on Kuwait’s emerging music scene by spotlighting two Kuwait-based artists, Cascou and Rydeen.

The article is a Q&A with the artists which is a format I’m generally not a fan of, but if you want to check it out, here is the link.

The photos in the article are great and were shot by @mewnyra & @taiibbbaaa


Kuwait National Day Music

Below are some old National Day songs you can download as MP3s as well as a few music videos that are available on YouTube:

Downloadable MP3’s (Right click and save as)
Beladona Il Kuwait
Shadi Al Khaleej – Kaseeroh Dalah
Sana Al Kharaz – I7na IlKha6awi AlAkeeda
Sana Al Kharaz – 6ig Ya Mu6ar 6ig
Sana Al Kharaz – Al Azrag
Sana Al Kharaz – Salam Ya Wa6ani
7naina Il Ayadi
Il Wa7id Allah (Om A7med – Wainich Yal Ibra)
Imbarak 3alaik il3id
Abdul Kareem Abdul Qader – Wa6an Al Nahar
Abdullah Al-Ruwaishid – 3ashat Lina Il Kuwait (Original)
Hussien Al Jasmi – La Telomoni (Hala February)
Nabeel Sh3ail – Ya Dar (Hala February)
Rashid Al-Majid – 6ayir Men El Far7a
BBS Kids – Wa6ani 7abeebi
Kuwaiti TV Band – Ya Wardity Ya Nidiya
Kuwaiti TV Band – Al Ziman Dawar

Music Videos
شادي الخليج – سناء الخراز – كلما زادت المحن
شادي الخليج 1986- كاسروه دله اربع انات مله
شادي الخليج – كويت و العرب من اوبريت شراع الوفاء
لقيناه ” جابر أبونا من عمر” – سناء الخراز
نبيل شعيل – الكويت حرة
Free Kuwait Song
Free Kuwait Song by Americans

If there are more music videos I should add let me know!


Sound Acoustic Treatment

This isn’t something a lot of people would need but is very useful for those who do. EQPAD is a small business that specializes in high-quality acoustic treatment solutions. It all started when the owner struggled to find high-quality sound absorbers and bass traps in Kuwait and decided to get things done himself. He then decided to turn it into a business and now offers a service that includes the design of the product customized to your room, delivery, and installation.

If you’re interested check them out on Instagram @eqpad.sound

Activities Music

Love to Sing? Then Join a Choir!

Ahmadi Music Group (AMG) is one of the longest-standing arts organizations in Kuwait dating back to the 1950’s. They hold a lot of different events throughout the year and are now looking to welcome new members to their group.

If you like to sing then Ahmadi Music Group can surround you with a 50-strong choir and orchestra. The first rehearsal is tomorrow, Monday 9th of January at 7 PM. If you’d like to try out, contact Jennifer on WhatsApp 66147907 for the location and details.


Kuwaiti DJ Performing at MDL Beast

You’ve probably seen the MDL Beast ads on the roads around Kuwait, it’s taking place this weekend and is the biggest music festival in Saudi featuring over 200+ artists performing across 7 stages over a period of 3 days. It’s a crazy lineup with headliners like Bruno Mars, Post Malone and DJ Khaled but also favorites like Wizkid, Marshmello, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Solomun and DJ Snake.

One of those performing artists is Tamara, a local DJ who is also a full-time zoo veterinarian during the day. She’ll be playing a set on the second day (December 2nd) on stage Underground 3 at 4PM. If you’re heading to MDL Beast this weekend, keep an eye out for her.

Check her out at @qabazard


New Music: Altersal – Green Feather Feat. Bazila

Altersal, the lead singer of my favorite local band Galaxy Juice released a new single yesterday called “Green feather” made in collaboration with local artist and producer Bazila. The music videos was shot on Failaka island and directed by Argentinian animator Marina Di Milta.

Not sure how I feel about this single, to me it sounds more like a background sound in a movie than an actual song. My favorite tracks by Altersal are Saneman and You Never Listen, both of which have an 80s vibes to them so I kinda want him to do more of that. But you can listen to the single and decide for yourselves.


Romco Cassette Store

After Khyber the other day I decided to check out the Romco store in the same building since I was there anyway. There aren’t many cassette stores left in Kuwait so whenever I find one still open I like to document it. Romco goes way back, they were a music label with their own cassette factory, and I think they were also the local distributor for the Saudi music label Megastar.

They no longer produce tapes but they still have a small store in their office where they sell cassettes including a small selection of English ones. They’re selling the cassettes for 1.5KD each. Randomly, they also have a tiny section with Hindi VHS tapes if you’re interested.

It’s also worth checking out their Instagram account @romco_kw since they have a few old photos taken during their golden era. If you want to pass by their store, it’s in Hawalli across the street from Al Muhalab. Here is the location on Google Maps.

Music Shopping

IKEA x Swedish House Mafia Collab Coming to Kuwait

IKEA and electronic music artists Swedish House Mafia have teamed up to make everyday life easier for those who produce, perform, play, or listen to music. They’ve come together to launch the OBEGRÄNSAD collection which contains more than 20 products (including a record player) that are being launched globally this month. IKEA Kuwait confirmed their products will be launching here soon but hasn’t shared a date.

Personally, I need to pick up a couple of the records stands to replace the current IKEA wooden crates I’m using. They also have a cool records bag which I might pick up. You can check the full collection on the US IKEA page here.

You can also access the IKEA Kuwait OBEGRÄNSAD collection page but there isn’t anything there yet. Here is that link.

Events Music

Event: Celebrate World Music Day

World Music Day (or Fête de la Musique) is an annual music celebration that takes place on June 21st and is celebrated worldwide. In Kuwait, it’s going to take place on June 22nd and will feature regional acts from UAE alongside some of our local musicians and artists.

The event will be taking place at Yarmouk Culture Center from 6PM to 9PM and tickets are KD12. If you want to go then you can get tickets from this Link

Events Music

Italian Opera Tomorrow Night

If you like the opera or want to experience the opera, the Italian Embassy in Kuwait is hosting one tomorrow night (Thursday) at JACC. “Bel Canto d’Italia Recital” is taking place at 7PM and no tickets are required. For more details, click here

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Beethoven Rescheduled Symphony

The last Beethoven event got rescheduled and is instead taking place this coming Friday. Ahmadi Music Group will be holding a lecture concert about Beethoven and the 5th symphony at JACC and tickets are on sale starting at KD10. Tickets are selling fast so if you want to attend the performance, get your ticket now.

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Jazz Soiree Tomorrow Night

The Ahmadi Music Group is performing a jazz soiree tomorrow night at the residence of the French ambassador. The dinner and music event is being held in aid of Ukrainian refugees and tickets are selling for 30KD. If you’re interested get your tickets before it sells out. Link

Update: It’s sold out

Events Music

Staged in Kuwait – Mamma Mia!

Staged in Kuwait, the popular local English community theatre group is ending its tenth season with a warm and wonderful production of the smash-hit musical, “Mamma Mia!”.

Packed with ABBA hits, Mamma Mia! promises to leave you with a smile on your face. The musical is going to be fun and will be taking place over 6 days with tickets starting at KD7.5. The first performance is this coming Thursday so you need to hurry and book now since they’re close to being sold out.

If you’re interested, here is the link.