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Review: Bang & Olufsen A9

When I picked up the B&O Beolit 12 last month I also ended up picking up the Bang & Olufsen A9. I wasn’t planning to originally but it was so hard to resist. I first spotted the A9 when I was at the B&O store in Prague and it was love at first sight. It’s an AirPlay compatible speaker that will allow you to stream music onto it wirelessly and in case you don’t have Wifi you can connect your iPhone/iPod using a USB cable. The speaker has a very minimal design being just a circle with no buttons on the front and even in the back other than the power button there isn’t anything else. To increase and decrease the volume you just caress the speaker on the top from the left to right, to decrease the volume you swipe your hand right to left and to mute it you just hold the speaker on the top. The touch controls are very practical to use.

Sound wise the speaker is pretty loud and bassy for it’s size. That’s what actually sold me since I was not expecting the sound to be that big. I mostly listen to indie and electronic music on it and so far there isn’t anything really that it had difficultly playing. If we go back to the looks I should mention the speaker can be customized when it comes to colors. The front fabric cover by default comes in white but you can purchase different colors as well to match your environment like black, red, green etc.. Same with the wooden legs, you can get them in 3 different colors. In case you want to mount the speaker on the wall you can do that too.

Setting up the device was as easy as setting up the Beolit 12 and I didn’t have any trouble although a lot of people do get stuck and frustrated but that’s because they don’t follow instructions. I actually love the iPhone App since it allows me to control the settings on both my B&O devices with great ease.

My only gripe about the A9 and one many of you will remark on is the price, it’s KD890 (including the legs). At that price point it’s pretty much competing with full fledged sound systems that would deliver a lot more bang for the buck. But obviously none would look as good as the A9 or come in as simple a setup. The only other speaker system that I imagine could compete with the A9 is the Parrot Design Zikmu by Philippe Starck. But that isn’t affordable either costing around KD600 and the A9 is nearly 5 times more powerful (100w vs 480w RMS). It’s a luxury product that’s for sure but that’s the case with everything B&O produce. I love it and don’t regret getting it.

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“Sound wise the speaker is pretty loud and bassy for itโ€™s size. ”

For its size??? Dude that thing is fucking huge!

890 KD, huh?

|But obviously none would look as good as the A9 or come in as simple a setup.

So superficial, mark :p

Yes Mark it is an awesome Speaker, great sound, rich Bass, it is BIG but one gets used to it!

Hey Mufasa, go down to the B&O Store for a Demo it is just opposite the American University (Car Park) in the Symphony Mall. You could actually Book a Demo on their Website Did You?

I came (to the showroom) I saw (BeoPlay A9) I was conquered (when I heard)– Seen it, heard it, awesome!!! Now I have to conquer it (get the KD 890/ first)Anyone willing to help?

A speaker like that deserves a proper home, complete with a dedicated listening room. In an apartment it would just look so out of place; so ashamed that someone had dared bring it to a room that it has to share with a TV and (gasp) a laptop with external speakers that I think it just might refuse to work.

Actually the apartment is exactly what the A9 was meant for. Dedicated “listening rooms” are rare and usually for people with high end audiophile gear. B&O wouldn’t fit that category anyway.

I bought 2 of these for my apartment. One for the living room which I have my tv and playstation hooked up.

Other in the dining area.

Great to AirPlay to both having a party. Doors open, BBQ on the balcony. Summer time will be great

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