Rent a Yacht

Post by Mark

If you’re looking to go out to sea with a bunch of friends and don’t own a yacht then this may be of interest to you. Silsan is a marina company that has a bunch of yachts available for rent. Their prices start from KD15 an hour and can go up to as much as KD85 an hour depending on the size and kind of yacht. They also have different departure points like Salmiya and Khiran. These prices are per hour, per boat and not per person. So its KD15 if you’re 2 people or 8 people as long as the number doesn’t exceed the yachts maximum carrying capacity. These prices also includes the crew.

To check out what yachts are available to rent click this [Link]
To book a yacht you can call them up on 25650674

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Learn to Row with the Q8 Pilot Gig

Post by Mark

Here is another interesting activity I recently found out about. Q8 Pilot Gig is a rowing club that offer rowing lessons and outings led by certified coaches. They offer two categories of rowing, you can either do it hardcore and be part of a racing crew, or just row for fun and general fitness (social rowing). The club has 6 beautiful locally built boats and each can carry 6 rowers. The club isn’t based in any specific location but instead row out from different spots around the Kuwaiti coast to keep things interesting for the members. Once you become a member you will have access to the clubs app which will allow you to book from a number of different outing options. They launch from public beaches so one day you might row from Nino’s to Souq Sharq, another day you might row out from next to Corniche Club, it’s always changing so you don’t fall into a routine.

The cost to become a member is KD55 a month and that gives you unlimited access to the rowing sessions as well as training by the certified coaches. They row at least 4 times a week with sessions taking place mid week and on weekends, mornings and afternoons. So it’s very accessible no matter how busy your schedule is. On Saturdays for example they usually have 4 to 5 rowing sessions available for you to choose from. If you’re a Corniche Club member, Q8 Pilot Gig is setting up a base there for the Corniche members and the cost per month will be even less for you.

They offer a free “tasting session” before you decide to become a member and sign up, so if you’re interested in trying them out then you could contact Steve Lock on 99031123 or email them on You could also check out their instagram account for pictures and videos @kwt_pilot_gig

Update: I’ve posted a new update with updates prices and information. Check out that post [Here]

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Laser Tag in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Yesterday someone asked me if there was a laser tag place in Kuwait and figured other people might be interested to know that there is. The place is called Desert Sniper and they’re located right next to The Avenues. You need to be at least 4 people to play laser tag but a friend who tried it out told me having 10 people is a lot more fun.

If you don’t know what laser tag is, it’s kinda like paint ball except using lasers. When you get hit you light up and a vest vibrates letting you know you’ve been hit. It’s a lot less painful than getting hit by a paintball. The cost per round is KD6 and each round is 10 minutes long. The second round is also KD6 but after the second round the price goes down to KD3 per round. You also need to call them and book your session in advance.

So if you’re interested in laser tagging, you can check out the Desert Sniper [Website] for more details or call them up on 97828080

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Herafy Store: Clays & Crafts (New Location)

Post by Mark

Herafy is a small clays and crafts store thats located in Al-Rai. Recently they moved to a new location and I found it by accident while looking for something else and decided to check it out. It’s a small store, nothing close in size say to Mogahwi, but they are very specialized and most importantly, they offer a ton of classes from sculpting and painting to sewing and soap making. Just a bunch of random interesting classes you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

So if you’re interested in learning something new or picking up a new hobby, here is the store location on [Google Maps] and you can check out all their classes and workshops on their website [Here]

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Learn How to Play Polo in Kuwait

Post by Mark

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play polo, the Kuwait Polo Club offers polo training, horseback riding and horse training. The cost is KD40 for an hour, but if you’re interested in multiple lessons than you could negotiate a better deal. The price includes a horse and all the gear and equipment needed. The club is located in Abdalli Farms so you’ll have to commute quite a bit for these lessons.

Polo in Kuwait isn’t accessible to everyone due to its cost and location but its still good to know that if you want to learn how to play then you can. For more information you can check out the Kuwait Polo Club [Website] or find them on instagram @kuwaitpoloclub

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Contemporary Dance Classes in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I get emails every so often asking if I know a places that teaches hip-hop or contemporary dance, so figured I’d post about it incase anyone ever googles the question. The only place I am aware of that offers contemporary or hip-hop dance classes is the Loyac Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA). They have the following dance classes:



If you’d like more information you could check out their instagram account @lapaloyac or call them on 97239408

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Learn Archery at the Mayadeen Shooting Complex

Post by Mark

Here is another new activity if you’re looking for something new to experience. the Mayadeen Shooting Complex is now offering archery lessons. The lessons are open to every one, men, women, Kuwaitis and expats. The cost is KD7 for 30 minutes and all equipment is supplied. Long term coaching is also available.

Previously, archery lessons were only available to Kuwaitis at the Kuwait Shooting Federation so its great that Mayadeen is now offering it to everyone. For more information check out the Mayadeen Shooting Complex instagram account @mayadeenq8

Thanks Rajesh

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Borrow a Bicycle

Post by Mark

I passed by Elevation and Richards Coffee at the Seef strip the other day for lunch and coffee when I noticed a bunch of bicycles parked outside. After seeing some kids take them for a ride I asked an employee about the bikes and found out they were there for their customers to borrow and for free. All you need to do is let an employee know you want to take out a bicycle (or skateboard) and they’ll take your name down and you’re free to borrow the bikes for as long as you want (I’m assuming for the day and not for days). So if you feel like riding a bicycle and don’t want to buy one, pass by Elevation at Seef, here is their location on [Google Maps]

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Fly High Kuwait

Post by Mark


Aerial yoga seems to be the current “in” activity to do. I haven’t tried it and don’t think I will, but it seems fun and it takes place outdoors so should be great to do in this weather. Aerial yoga is similar to traditional mat yoga but instead of the mat you’re suspended in the air with soft fabric hammocks.


Fly High Kuwait are holding classes aerial yoga classes in Jumeirah and the classes start from KD15 a session. If you’re interested to find out more, check out their website [Here]

Update: I thought they were ongoing till Thursday since that was written on their website, but turns out they made a mistake and the last day was actually yesterday. So it’s over now.

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Learn How to Drift or Drive a Manual

Post by Mark


Here is another activity to add to the list of things to do in Kuwait. ProDrive Academy recently soft launched and are offering drifting and manual transmission driving courses.

Drifting Courses
They have four stages of drifting courses with each stage being more advanced. You learn to drift in a Nissan 370z and the prices are as follows:

Stage One: 3 hours long, costs KD130 and includes 2 new fresh tires
Stage Two: 1 1/2 hours long, costs KD100 and includes 2 new fresh tires
Stage Three: 3 hours long, costs KD130 and includes 2 new fresh tires
Stage Four: 3 hours long, costs KD100 and includes 2 new fresh tires

They have a package deal where if you decide to go with all four stages then the total cost would be KD400 instead of KD460.

Every Tuesday from 5PM to 11PM is an open drift day in which anyone can bring their car to the ProDrive circuit and drift. The cost to take part in that is KD30.

Manual Transmission Courses
With manual transmission courses they charge by the hour and depending on how quickly you learn the less time you need. They offer lessons with three different car options:

Nissan Pick Up: KD15/hour
Jeep Wrangler: KD20/hour
Nissan 370z: KD30/hour

If you’re interested in the above you can call them on 60049000 or 60604418.
For more information on ProDrive including a map of their location, check out their instagram account @prodrivekw

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