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Smash Hub – House of Smash Therapy

I haven’t been this excited about a new place opening up in quite a bit but last night I passed by Smash Hub and I had a blast. So much fun that I’m actually headed back there tonight again.

Smash Hub houses two games:

Smash Therapy
This is why I basically dropped by. Their Smash Therapy section is composed of two rooms where you go into and destroy stuff. You have different packages you can choose from, I ended up choosing the Troublemaker in which they provided me with 12 glass cups and 1 electronic item to smash. I could choose between a receiver or printer and ended up going with the printer. You can also destroy other items like a TV but at an additional cost. Once you select your items they set it up in the room and provide you with disposable overalls and protective gear to wear. You also get to choose two weapons of choice, I ended up going with a sledgehammer and a baseball bat. I was tempted to go with an axe but figured with my clumsiness I might not leave the room in one piece. Finally, I also got to choose my on smash playlist which was a nice surprise. I didn’t have much time to think but I think I made the right choices:

Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade
Nirvana – Rape Me

Once inside the room they take you through some basic rules and then leave you to it. I have to say, this was so insanely fun. It didn’t take long to smash 12 glass cups and a printer, in fact, I didn’t even get past my first song on the playlist, but damn it was fun. After I was done I told the guys they should create a monthly membership package since I’d love to drop by once a week just to vent out on a flatscreen TV. Below is a video I shot of the guy before me smashing some glass cups. Even smashing something so small and fragile like a glass cup was fun. I also have a short video of the guy smashing a TV with an axe, it’s a vertical video though and you can watch that here.

Axe Throwing
The other activity Smash Hub offers is axe throwing. I was just very recently having a conversation about this with a friend since it’s an activity thats gaining popularity in the States right now and I was telling them someone should bring it to Kuwait. Well it’s here now. It’s similar to throwing darts except you throw an axe.

I tried it out and it wasn’t as much fun as smashing a printer, but maybe if you’re with a group of friends it’s more enjoyable. Also maybe with lots of beer and loud music.

So lets talk prices. They currently have launch prices which are as follows:

Smash’n’nGo: 6KD for a dozen glassware or a dozen axe throws

Therapy Pack
Troublemaker: 12 glasses + 1 electronic (10KD)
Therapy box up to 2 people: 24 glasses + 2 electronics (20KD)

Axe Pack
Smaxe session: 20mins per person (10KD)

Smash Special (for 2 people): 35kd = Therapy Box + Smaxe (50% off yard sale)

Smash Hero: Hit Bullseye 3x in a row = Free TV (valid when purchasing a Therapy pack)

Yard Sale:
Glass pack = 5KD
Small electronic = 10KD (receiver/printer)
Glass panel = 10kd
TV = 20KD

I went with the Troublemaker and Axe Pack so my total came out to KD20. In hindsight, I would have taken the Troublemaker pack and added a TV to it for an additional 20KD. And maybe a glass pack on top of that as well. In case you want to bring your own items to smash you can, but they would have to approve it first.

If you want to try out Smash Hub they’re located inside Sirbb Circuit in Shuwaikh (go all the way to the left once you walk in). They’re open daily from 6PM to 10PM and you can check them out on instagram @smashhubkw

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Very nice.. one concern though is that a mannequin of a child I see in the picture where the guys are throwing axes?? or is that my eyes playing tricks with me.?? Kinda scary if it is …

Time to pack up presents I got from all my exes & head there. Thanks Mark!

Burning or flushing them down the toilet never seemed satisfying enough.

“I was tempted to go with an axe but figured with my clumsiness I might not leave the room in one piece” same here

I find this disturbing and absurd at many levels. Stuff like old printers and other plastic/electronics cannot be recycled on a normal day, let alone be smashed and dumped into a landfill – read polluting the land water – we already have Cancer here as a major concern.

Then there’s the aggression – Cant ppl just stick to contact sports and punching sand instead of throwing knives and axes to let out steam and channel aggression. But agreed, this is better than local jackasses taking it out on the public on the roads and otherwise though I doubt they’ll pay and come here

Honestly no idea what the environmental impact of this is but from my understanding there is no recycling here. so smashed or not smashed they’re gonna end up in the landfill either way.

But regarding throwing axes I have to disagree with u on this one since it’s not an aggressive sport, it’s just throwing axes and you can’t really throw it too hard or it bounces off so it does require certain effort and control.


We have collaborated with Enviroserve and are happy to let you know that they do take from us whatever is recyclable, which are the electronics.

Unfortunately, they don’t recycle glass, nor do any recycling organizations in Kuwait that we have reached out to. But we’re still in pursuit!

Thank you, and have a smashing day!

Time to pack up presents I got from all my exes & head there. Thanks Mark!

Burning or flushing them down the toilet never seemed satisfying enough.

For your next visit:

ALIEN WEAPONRY – Rū Ana Te Whenua (Official Music Video) [Bunch of Kiwi’s singing those haka lyrics)

Lamb of God – Dead Seeds

Slipknot – Custer

You smashed a printer while listening to Beastie Boys? Did you at least bring a nametag that says “Michael Bolton”?

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