The Last Skate at the Historic Ice Skating Rink

The ice skating rink which has been around since 1980 will be closing down tomorrow to get demolished. In its place I’ve been told they’ll be building a concert hall which will be used to hold the Hala February concerts.

It doesn’t make sense I know, and whats worse is that I don’t understand why they can’t just keep the ice skating structure and just turn the interior into a concert hall. In any case, the decision has been made and this historical site will be demolished in the same way many other significant structures have been demolished in the past.

Today (Monday) from 4PM to 6PM there will be a last skate at the ice skating rink as a way of protesting this decision. So if you want to experience the ice skating rink for one last time this is your chance. See you there.

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It was one of the last affordable things to do with the kids these days. I was able to take my kids there a few months ago when I thought they were going to tear it down. I wish I would’ve know sooner they again decided to tear it down or I would have brought them again. Sucks.

This is so sad! why does the fact that the Rink is a historical landmark not seem to matter??
Isn’t there anything we can do, protest maybe?

some one must be really happy with the tear down. Because they will be making a massive deal out of the new project that will come up there.

Everybodies loss for somebodies gain

Kuwait’s cultural landscape is practically disposable nowadays; here today, gone tomorrow. If someone were to buy the entirety of the country to turn it into a theme park & resort, they would gladly take up the offer! 😓

No kidding! sad to see it gø. Yani, what will happen to the ice hockey & figure skating scene in Kuwait ? The nearest Olympic size skating rink just got farther- about a 1000 kms away in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

It is a damning blow to youth sports and women’s lib in Kuwait- just when the girls were getting their ice hockey league organized. On one level some men thought the ladies are getting better than them on ice so they decided to cull it.

The worst part is that the rink was actually affordable and it was a proper sized ice skating rink. Now we’re left with nothing, and if they end up building another one, its going to be ‘Kuwait priced’ so it’s gonna be like the rink in Dubai Mall where an hour and costs like 9KD or whatever.
Whats the point of a concert arena if we have no damn concerts in Kuwait??? Stupidity at its finest.

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